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Low-code Platforms and the Convergence of Modern App Dev

The market for low-code application development has skyrocketed in the last 18 months. Why? The business drivers are clear and include the increased pressure on IT teams to deliver faster solutions, the shortage of developer talent across the globe, and the increased need for business agility. At the same time, the benefits and success stories of low-code development are also making news: Doubling developer productivity, driving down total cost of ownership, and even reducing technical debt for old legacy systems.

Digital Tipping Point – Why You Should Care About the Latest News from Forrester, Gartner, and SIIA (CODiE Awards)

We’ve reached a digital tipping point. Last week, the 2016 CODiE Awards were announced. Of course we’re thrilled to win the Best Mobile Development Solution award, because it recognizes the craftsmanship of our hundreds of engineers as well as the innovative customers who have inspired us. Who doesn’t like a nice trophy?But there’s something much bigger brewing. The CODiEs, the latest Forrester Wave on low-code development platforms, and the upcoming Gartner research on mobile development platforms are all pointing to one big thing.

Analysts Rate the Best 14 Rapid App Dev Platforms (Low-Code Development)

It is big news that Forrester recently published the most comprehensive study to date about the top rapid app development platform vendors. The Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016 presents a comprehensive review of the 14 leading vendors using 26-criteria evaluation. This work leveraged an initial market landscape review of 42 vendors, classified in five segments: general-purpose, process, mobile-first, request-handling, and database.