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  Platform in Action

Energy Industry Agile Method & Platform Success Story

Track 1 started with a great presentation by Sandra Fernandes, Project Manager of Glintt, that shared an interesting case study of a solution delivered to REN Trading (a large Portuguese utilities company, part of REN).

The main takeaway of the session was the very positive results Glintt reaped from using an Agile Methodology approach.

Sandra began by explaining REN’s business, which is actually very complex – just like most Utilities companies I’ve come across! Let me try to summarize it: REN is responsible for managing a large array of processes from energy production to CO2 emission allowances. (more…)


NextStep 2010 – Day 2 Sessions Posted!

We’ve just posted the full session list for our upcoming user conference, NextStep 2010; April 15-16, Lisbon, Portugal. Check out the FULL AGENDA!

Just to recap our first day: Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO, will be discussing ways to address the “last inefficient industry of the 21st Century” – yes, our very own IT industry! Gartner Research’s VP & distinguished analyst, Massimo Pezzini, will then provide insights from Gartner on how they see changes in tools, methods and architecture impacting IT efficiencies. And last but not least, a look into the future of the Agile Platform. (more…)