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SCRUM vs. Kanban

At the OutSystems R&D department, we’ve been using Scrum for quite some time now. But lately, I’ve been hearing quite a lot about Kanban. I’ve even heard of a team that’s considering moving from Scrum to Kanban to be more efficient! With such claims I was obviously curious to find out more about this methodology, and how it relates to Scrum.


  Dev Zone

Putting the ‘Lean’ into Agile – What Can We Learn from Kanban?

There seems to be a growing amount of discussion around the Kanban approach to software development.  For those of you who, like me, had never heard of Kanban, it has its roots in Japanese lean manufacturing concepts.  I read a great article titled “Kanban Development Oversimplified” by Jeff Patton.  If you are interested in the Kanban way to organize your development then give this a quick read – it is well written and starts off with a good look at the origins of the Agile methodology.  (more…)