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Why You Should Choose an Enterprise-Grade Low-Code Platform

In a recent BrainBlog post I discussed the spectrum of low-code/no-code platforms. At the no-code end of this spectrum are tools for business users to create a variety of business applications via straightforward, drag-and-drop style interactions.At the other extreme, low-code platforms like OutSystems focus on accelerating and streamlining the work of professional developers, as they build enterprise-grade applications. Fair enough – but what do we mean by enterprise-grade?

The Time Has Come for Low-Code Platforms

The low-code/no-code space is a rapidly emerging market – or perhaps more than one, as emerging markets can be extraordinarily dynamic. In fact, the vendors in this space are remarkably diverse, and are gradually fleshing out a spectrum with no-code on one extreme and low-code on the other. In this blog, industry guru, Jason Bloomberg, explores the emerging low-code landscape.