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Digital transformation requires new technology, new processes, a culture change – and a little sprinkling of magic!

Right now many legacy business models are on the verge of collapse or under severe strain from digital pressures coming from both inside and outside the business. And where many organisations are concerned, if there isn’t a programme in place to replace legacy systems (and processes) with innovative new digital platforms, then you can be sure that there will be soon.
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Dos & Don’ts of Legacy Modernization

We recently met with Lawrence Wilkes, Director and Principal Consultant with Everware-CBDi, to talk about how IT departments are addressing their legacy systems.

We will post Lawrence’s response to the following three questions over our next few blog posts:

  • What are the top three things you’ve seen people do to successfully address the competing demands of new build vs. legacy modernization with limited resources?
  • Is there a role for model-based tools like the OutSystems platform in legacy modernization? (more…)