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InfoWorld ranks web development tools: Agile Platform gets highest rating “very good”

Earlier this week InfoWorld delivered its findings after reviewing multiple web development tools.  They looked across five key areas to compile the score; Ease of Development, Extensibility, Portability, Documentation and Value.  The products reviewed were Alpha Five Version 10, Iron Speed Designer 6.2.1, Visual LANSA for the Web 11.5, OutSystems Agile Platform 5.0, and MLstate OPA S2 Beta. (more…)


Lean Agile and Fit to Purpose (more from Forrester ITF09)

This was a great session by John Rymer and Dave West.  They provided some interesting stats:
•    80-90% of IT spend is on software maintenance
•    Business are demanding innovation
•    Time to market is more critical now than ever before.

These three stats should be staring you right in the face – How can you be more innovative in shorter time frames than ever when 80-90% of your budget is spent on maintenance?  (more…)