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  Dev Zone

OutSystems Community Gets a Makeover

We all know developers are the lifeblood of a software platform. This year OutSystems has made it a top priority to support our developers by providing more tools and resources to help them learn and become experts in our platform. Today, we are pleased to announce the first step in that direction – a new and improved home for our growing worldwide community. We have created a brand new community homepage, and we improved our developer forums by adding requested features to make life better for everyone using them. (more…)

  Dev Zone

Agilists vs. Architects

Miguel and I were recently discussing an interesting presentation by Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parsons on engaging the Architecture team into your Agile methodology.  The presentation is titled “Agilists and Architects: Allies not Adversaries” and the summary points out that “As Agile becomes more accepted, concerns from architecture groups are increasing. Traditional ways that architects engage with development groups conflict with Agile methods.” (more…)