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The pride in beautiful craftsmanship

book-re-toolI have always been in awe of the Japanese. This stems from an admiration of their aesthetics – reflected in their objects, their pottery, food, gardens – and the amazing quality of their manufactured goods.

But what I admire most is their relentless pursuit of perfection. This is illustrated, go figure, in a quote from Tom Cruise’s movie, The Last Samurai:

…from the moment they wake they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue…(more…)

  Platform in Action

From Channel9: Speed of RAD Meets the Simplicity of Azure


The following is a post by Miguel Lopes, Vice President of Product Management for OutSystems. This article originally appeared on Microsoft’s Channel9 Blog.


If you like the benefits of simplicity and scalability you get with Microsoft Azure, you’ll love the speed you can get with OutSystems Platform, an advanced, complete Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that’s now available on Azure. (more…)

  Platform in Action

Online Registration App Built with OutSystems Boosts Mercy Ships Volunteer Applicants by 20 Percent

Mercy Ships is a non-profit organization serving developing countries all over the globe.

Mercy Ships serves developing countries all over the world.

When we set out to overhaul our volunteer application process, we knew we had unique requirements, which would likely mean we’d have to custom build our online registration app. We wanted to make our HR department more efficient, but also wanted to make the application process easier and, hopefully, more accurate. Each year we use the skills of 1,200 volunteers, and up until recently, each of those submissions were filled out and processed by hand. Between difficult-to-decipher handwriting, poor quality scans or faxes and data entry mistakes, the application process was fraught with the potential for error. (more…)

  Platform in Action

OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam: RAD is Here to Stay

RAD tools have been plagued with a bad reputation, and in most cases, it’s well deserved. This market category is filled with incomplete offerings that are limited and don’t properly handle the requirements of large organizations. With this release of OutSystems Platform, we are reinforcing our position as the only RAD platform that addresses the needs of the enterprise in terms of governance, scalability and security without compromising rapid delivery.” (more…)

  Dev Zone

Need Speed? OutSystems Boosts Performance of 1-Click Publish Feature

The process of continuous iteration as an OutSystems developer requires quick change and test cycles. The 1-Click Publish (1CP) operation is a core part of this process, and one that is used dozens or hundreds of times per day.

Whenever you need to see the effect of changes you have done to an application, be it UI, Business Logic, Data Models, Processes, or Integrations, the OutSystems Platform lets you do that with just one click. (more…)

  Platform in Action

OutSystems Platform 2014 Winter Release

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we launched a series of updates to the OutSystems Platform. I guess that for a lot of you, this is one of those gifts you’ll be excited to use all year around.

There are so many mind-blowing improvements that we’re even a bit ashamed of naming it 8.0.1. There’s a great reason for that though: it works just as a patch release… our cloud users will start seeing their platform get updated with the new capabilities and our on-premises or hybrid customers can simply patch their installation and immediately benefit from all that is in there.

So, what can you expect from this release? (more…)

  Dev Zone

Solving the Pitfalls and Inherent Complexity of Responsive Design

A large enterprise customer recently challenged us to explore the viability of responsive design when building a mobile application for their sales team to use in the field.

It was an interesting request because it’s not something we would have suggested. Our recommendation to clients had always been that application functionality should be based on use cases that make sense to the device. Responsive design, we argued, brings too much complexity and greater costs in maintenance and testing.


  Dev Zone

Freedom, productivity and scalability

The application development market is going through radical change. Not only has technology increased tenfold in complexity, but there are also many new tools to understand. Meanwhile, constant demands from the business continue to roll in.

It’s hard for most developers to keep pace with the current rate of change. IT departments are expected to continually modify applications, and the number of new projects per developer just keeps growing. This creates an accumulation of new service or change requests from the business, which puts a massive strain on resource. Many IT departments have also found that their application development tools have been woefully inadequate and unable to cope with the level of complexity and change now required.



The new kid on the block

Out of all the different cloud computing services, platform as a service (PaaS) has been the slowest growing with many organisations hesitant to adopt. However, this is set to change as leading analysts Gartner and 451 Research estimate PaaS to attain a 41 per cent CAGR through 2016.



A Cloud Platform before its time

In 2001, the group of founders got together and added the last details to the OutSystems business plan. We wanted to solve a big problem: fix the IT productivity issue of delivering large Intranet (browser-based internal apps) and Extranet (customer and partner portals and APIs) systems. These projects were plagued with failure, delays and were constantly over budget. We also wanted to ride the one trend we knew would revolutionize enterprise IT: software systems running on hardware hosted outside the enterprise data center. In March 2001, OutSystems was born.