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Accelerate Your SAP Application Development with RAD

A lot of companies are struggling with the question how to unlock the vast resources of their SAP installation for mobile development. Should we wait for the technologies SAP promises in its roadmaps or are there alternatives?

Agile Success in the REAL World

Rui Afonso of Hyfas spoke about the key success factors of introducing and succeeding with Agile projects in small and mid-size companies. In comparison, Rui reviewed the distinct challenges presented to these corporations.

So, how should one deal with small and mid-size company agile projects? Start by showing value early and often. Secondly, don’t overload the customer with decisions. Instead, you should help him and leverage a trustful sponsor. (more…)
Business process reengineering example with OutSystems at Hyfas
  Platform in Action

Business Process Reengineering Example: Hyfas Pits OutSystems vs SAP

Rui Afonso, OutSystems Channel Manager at Hyfas, presented the pitfalls they faced at Refrige when re-engineering their business processes.
Refrige had a very complex material creation process that spanned across 7 distinct departments. Communication was made by email and Infopath, and at the end of the process the IT department would copy the gathered information into SAP and BASIS. The IT department had to confirm all the data, and sometimes this resulted in requesting missing inputs from information owners. (more…)