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Unleash the power of SAP with Rapid Application Development

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse on June 19, 2015.

A lot of companies are struggling with the question how to unlock the vast resources of their SAP installation for mobile development. Should we wait for the technologies SAP promises in its roadmaps or are there alternatives?

SAP has been around for a long time and during its time it has proven to be a secure, reliable and robust transactional system. Frankly, it is unrivaled as a system-of-record and will stay that way for many years to come. The technology behind it is mature and has proven to be able to guarantee data integrity and avoid data loss, while its performance is fully scalable to any size operation. (more…)

Agile Success in the REAL World

Rui Afonso of Hyfas spoke about the key success factors of introducing and succeeding with Agile projects in small and mid-size companies. In comparison, Rui reviewed the distinct challenges presented to these corporations.

So, how should one deal with small and mid-size company agile projects? Start by showing value early and often. Secondly, don’t overload the customer with decisions. Instead, you should help him and leverage a trustful sponsor. (more…)

3 Areas of Caution for Corporate IT Agilists

So, SAP is embracing Agile development for their new SaaS strategy.¬†About time don’t you think?¬† Most ISVs are way ahead of the hype around Agile and have been applying some form of Agile development since the beginning of this century. Now, for those of you working in corporate IT shops who think SAP’s move is a great endorsement of Agile methodology and are going to run to your management shouting “the time is now!” …let me caution you on a few key points where you might run into some bumps. (more…)