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SCRUM vs. Kanban

At the OutSystems R&D department, we’ve been using Scrum for quite some time now. But lately, I’ve been hearing quite a lot about Kanban. I’ve even heard of a team that’s considering moving from Scrum to Kanban to be more efficient! With such claims I was obviously curious to find out more about this methodology, and how it relates to Scrum.


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Agile Development – A Juggling Act?

We have recently started playing the “Ball Point Game” in some of our informal Agile learning sessions. This is a game played by some scrum trainers. The basic objective of the game is to get as many balls through the team as possible within two minutes. Each ball must be touched at least once by every team member and must end with the same person with whom it began. After two minutes the team is allowed an additional minute to discuss the process and how it could be improved. It is recommended that the game be played a total of five times or sprints. You can learn more about the game in this Scrum Trainers blog post(more…)

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Agile = speed over quality?

Don’t think about it – what’s the one word that springs to mind when you think of “Agile” in terms of application development? Write it down somewhere. (more…)

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A Five Step Agile Roadmap

A recent LinkedIn question asked for advice on how to get a company started down a path to Agile and SCRUM. I thought it might be useful to share some advice and see if the OutSystems community had any ideas to add.

At OutSystems, our roadmap is strictly a guideline because companies have different methods, cultures, and management approaches. When introducing Agile, here are the steps we generally go through. Concepts and activities that are emphasized will vary based on understanding of the customer culture, organizational structure (formal and informal), as well as their prior knowledge of Agile methodologies. (more…)

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Will the REAL user please stand up! Involving the right customers in Agile projects

Scrum brings the customer and the development team together as often as every sprint.  Because the customer is involved throughout the development process and is consulted once per iteration, the team can never deviate very far from the customer’s vision.” says Laszlo Szalvay in his recent Better Software Magazine article on SCRUM in which the author does an excellent job of providing an overview of SCRUM. (more…)