The Cloud… ┬áIt’s like teenage sex. Everyone is talking about it – but no one is really doing it. Also like teenage sex sooner or later you will. Thus while the hype is driving us all a bit crazy we have to pay some attention to how this will play out as sooner or later we will get involved. Like most things in the technology world, the concepts are not all that new.
What has changed is the terminology and more importantly the availability of the technology has gotten better. This makes things more accessible, usable, etc. For example, it was not but a few years ago that you still used a phone line and wire to connect to your email when traveling on business. How we forget the good ole days and thank someone for wireless access. In the cloud we are making access to virtualized servers, data stores and the needed services to manage them available under a utility model – you only pay for what you use. (more…)