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Rymer Answers: The Future of Enterprise Apps

A few weeks back, we introduced you to a Social Consulting Experiment that we were conducting with Forrester Research‘s John Rymer. We launched a new web page and invited anyone who wanted to submit a question for Rymer on the topic of “The Future of Enterprise Applications.” We called it an “experiment” because, when we launched it we weren’t sure how it would turn out – we didn’t know how many people would submit questions, or what the response would be on sites like Twitter. (more…)


Asking Forrester’s Rymer: Future of Enterprise Apps?

There has been a flurry of activity in the OutSystems offices as we’ve been setting up new web pages for an experiment we’re conducting with Forrester Research‘s John Rymer. It’s a kind of social consulting experiment if you like – where OutSystems is sponsoring some consulting time with John, and inviting anyone (via Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in the IT world to ask him questions on the topic of  “The Future of Enterprise Applications.” (more…)