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  Platform in Action

SIMPLEX – A Next Generation School Management Solution

The close Track 1 morning sessions, Turismo de Portugal brought a success case of the innovative School Management Solution (SMS).

This was not the average case study presentation: it was a true celebration of success with agile!

Hugo Sousa, IT Director for Turismo de Portugal, shared the stage with other 4 project stakeholders,and started the session by playing a video that introduced Turismo de Portugal, their business and needs, sprinkled with live testimonials and images of the School Management Solution being used. (more…)

  Platform in Action

ITIL over OutSystems – Excellence and Agility for Turismo de Portugal

Hugo Sousa, IT Director of Turismo de Portugal, started out by sharing with the audience his commitment to the business goals of Turismo de Portugal. For that, he showed us his project goals:

  • Measure and get 90% satisfaction
  • People are all that matters
  • Do IT better