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In search of a new breed of ‘business savvy’ developers

Today technology is more complex, fast paced and challenging, especially for application developers who are being hit daily with either new application requests or change requests from the business. As a result, many developers are now overwhelmed with the demands placed on them and are finding it hard to keep up. (more…)

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Is UX your Achilles heel?

Today, user experience (UX) has become ‘the new black’ in product and application development with many organisations embracing a ‘build and prototype‘ culture.

This is quite a sea-change from as little as five years ago when UX wasn’t really on anyone’s radar apart from the likes of renowned innovators like Steve Jobs. He was always obsessed with the customer experience and very much in the ‘nitty gritty’ of product design.


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Usability and The Great App: An Interview With Steve Krug

This year our NextStep user conference was all about creating great user experiences on enterprise web and mobile applications, and we were pleased to host usability guru Steve Krug to the speaker line-up as keynote.

Over several days Steve spoke and led workshops for hundreds of participants.


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5 productivity boosting ingredients for your IT projects

A while back we conducted a productivity study with our customers, called OutByNumbers, to see how much more productive they were using the Agile Platform.
The numbers for this study showed that all of our customers were experiencing great productivity gains.  However,  as you might have guessed, there were some projects that performed better than others. (more…)
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The Tuning Sprint – Driving Application Adoption Using Agile Methods

With over 500 successful Agile projects under our belt, one of the key learning points we want to share in this edition of About Agility is the concept of the ‘Tuning Sprint’.

Over the last several years we have used this concept and found that it dramatically drives end-user adoption of the delivered application.
However, there are some fundamental challenges that we will discuss in this article so that you too can be successful.