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Is UX your Achilles heel?

Today, user experience (UX) has become ‘the new black’ in product and application development with many organisations embracing a ‘build and prototype‘ culture.

This is quite a sea-change from as little as five years ago when UX wasn’t really on anyone’s radar apart from the likes of renowned innovators like Steve Jobs. He was always obsessed with the customer experience and very much in the ‘nitty gritty’ of product design.


  Dev Zone

Justin James’ Developer Diary: The Final Chapter

Like all good things, Justin James’ Developer Diary series has finally come to an end – a happy one at that! ┬áJustin successfully used the Agile Platform to bring his Rat Catcher application from idea to fully-fledged application. ┬áDuring the last few months he learned the platform, overcame the challenges of scarce resources, infrastructure, etc to deliver his application. (more…)