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Intelligence In-Context: The Rise of Context-Aware Apps

A delivery truck driver named John has a new application. He arrives at his destination, parks the truck, picks up his mobile device and steps out. As he unlocks his device’s screen, the app instantaneously refreshes with the package information for the customer at that location. He didn’t even need to touch the app… he smiles…

His device picks up the beacon at the door and orders the back doors to open. A green light goes on at the exact section where the package is…he smiles again. (more…)


UX for Enterprise: Why You Should Play Devil’s Advocate when Business and User Needs Clash

As custom applications become more common and more critical to businesses, there’s a tendency to think in grander terms than what the business and the end-user really needs. People may look at what’s available in the app store and get sidetracked from what the company and its employees require to achieve their goals. As UX experts, it is essential for us to think about what the end-user really needs to do their job. This simple observation forms the basis of UX, or User Experience. What UX seeks to achieve is to ensure that the application not only meets the company’s need for security, solves critical business challenges, and integrates with legacy systems; UX also ensures that the app simplifies the end-users’ tasks so they can improve their job performance.
The developer's ux checklist helps you adopt a new perspective

Developer’s UX Checklist: Essential Steps for Adopting New Perspectives

This checklist contains the most important questions developers must ask, and answer, to make the difference between delivering a decent User Experience and one that’s great. Follow this checklist to see if your application’s UX is on the right track.