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UX for Enterprise: Why You Should Play Devil’s Advocate when Business and User Needs Clash

As custom applications become more common and more critical to businesses, there’s a tendency to think in grander terms than what the business and the end-user really needs. People may look at what’s available in the app store and get sidetracked from what the company and its employees require to achieve their goals. (more…)


The Developer’s UX Checklist: Essential Steps for Adopting a New Perspective

As software development methodologies evolve, so must the developers themselves. There’s a new set of expectations of what software should be, as well as a new set of expectations for what a developer’s responsibilities should cover.

developer-ux-checklist-thumbThe times when you could get away with implementing applications with decent-­looking screens and calling it a day are fading. Even with small and less visible projects, it’s no longer acceptable if an application has poor User Experience (UX). UX is vital no matter the size or scope of the project.

As Waterfall is replaced by Agile and delivery cycles become shorter and shorter, developers need to champion the end­-to­-end product. Focusing just on database performance or making the product feature ­complete doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Developers need to step up and take wider responsibilities even if it involves exploring uncharted terrain. (more…)


In search of a new breed of ‘business savvy’ developers

Today technology is more complex, fast paced and challenging, especially for application developers who are being hit daily with either new application requests or change requests from the business. As a result, many developers are now overwhelmed with the demands placed on them and are finding it hard to keep up. (more…)

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Is UX your Achilles heel?

Today, user experience (UX) has become ‘the new black’ in product and application development with many organisations embracing a ‘build and prototype‘ culture.

This is quite a sea-change from as little as five years ago when UX wasn’t really on anyone’s radar apart from the likes of renowned innovators like Steve Jobs. He was always obsessed with the customer experience and very much in the ‘nitty gritty’ of product design.


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Usability and The Great App: An Interview With Steve Krug

This year our NextStep user conference was all about creating great user experiences on enterprise web and mobile applications, and we were pleased to host usability guru Steve Krug to the speaker line-up as keynote.

Over several days Steve spoke and led workshops for hundreds of participants.