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Add a bit of Xmas to your web app

We’re already deep in the holiday season, but it’s never too late to add a bit of Xmas spirit to your Web Application!

I thought about adding Xmas lights, flying reindeers, working elves… but it seems to me that for an Enterprise Web Application something a bit subtler was in order.


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What makes a great web app great?

Some web applications are just a pleasure to use. They work extremely well, they are gorgeous, they are fast, and they almost seem to guess what you want. Gmail, Amazon, and Highrise are all good examples of such applications.
A lot of ink has been spilled on why these apps are so great: Focus on the user, tons of usability testing, heavy usages of statistics, contextual design, etc. are but a few of the reasons pointed out as drivers for success. (more…)
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The Departmental Web App – From Niche to Mission-Critical

There’s no pattern for innovation in an enterprise – while R&D might be responsible for driving new products, someone in logistics or facilities might think up the multi-million dollar selling feature as opposed to a product-design PhD. ┬áThe same goes for innovation with corporate IT – new applications aren’t always driven by developers but often by the specific necessities of a certain business unit, whether it’s sales, HR or management. (more…)