Van Ameyde wins BPM and SOA Innovation Award… with OutSystems!

Back in 2008, Van Ameyde – an international insurance claims manager from the Netherlands – came to the conclusion it needed to optimize their claims handling process in order to provide customers with the best service levels in the market.


To achieve this goal, a new project was launched to build an entirely new claims handling system called ECHO: European Claims Handling Optimization. Given the complexity and risk of such an ambitious project, it’s only natural that Van Ameyde decided to move forward using Agile Methodologies.

As far as technology goes, it was also clear that using standard software wouldn’t cut it. Not only does Van Ameyde have very specific business requirements, it also needed a technology that would allow them to continuously modify and align the ECHO solution with the business. At this point they decided to move forward with the Agile Platform.

Once the ECHO application went live, the business immediately saw the optimization results in the company’s claim processing business. In particular, the business witnessed a 30% reduction in the time required to resolve a claim. Not only that, ECHO also quickly became a powerful sales and market expansion tool, allowing Van Ameyde to streamline its ability to open new branches to less than one week, a three to four-fold improvement over the old system.

On top of that, and even though the ECHO application supports 16 different countries with unique claim handling requirements, 12 different languages, and 6 different currencies, Van Ameyde now has unprecedented flexibility to customize claims processing for new customers, something that was not possible with the old system.

All this hard work and the amazing results achieved by Van Ameyde and the ECHO system were rewarded this week with the 2010 ‘Business Agility and Process Optimization Enabled by BPM and SOA‘ case study award, proving that vision together with technology can go a long way!

Congrats to Van Ameyde and the OutSystems delivery team!


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