VMware vCloud Air and OutSystems – Building Beautiful, Cross Platform Applications

Today at VMworld, VMware introduced the expansion of its VMware vCloud® Air™ hybrid cloud platform, adding new capabilities to support mobile-cloud applications. Previously known as VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™, vCloud Air is designed to enable enterprise and application developers to better support the dynamic needs of modern, liquid businesses.

As part of today’s announcement, we are pleased to be working with VMware to provide OutSystems Platform as a solution to rapidly create, deploy and manage enterprise mobile and web applications on vCloud Air.

vmware-logoA successful mobility program, at enterprise scale, requires fundamental changes in architecture and how IT approaches the creation, deployment, security and management of applications. As Forrester states, “Mobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink. The three-tier architecture built for a browser-led PC world can’t flex, scale, or respond to the needs of a good mobile experience or the emerging requirements for connected products. Mobile’s volatility and velocity of change require a distributed four-tier architecture that we call an ‘engagement platform’ .”

Embracing mobile is much more than just thinking about shoehorning existing apps onto a small touchscreen. The hybrid cloud’s ability to securely integrate with private and public cloud resources is a natural fit for the mobile enterprises’ evolving needs.

OutSystems rapid application delivery platform provides three key areas of benefit for vCloud Air customers:

  1. Cross-platform development (mobile and web): OutSystems Platform enables a ‘build once for all devices’ approach, leveraging responsive design to create mobile web and hybrid multi-device applications without extra effort. Your applications will look amazing and work seamlessly across all form factors, by default.
  2. Easy integration with both existing cloud and on-premises systems: Customers can reuse open source connectors or create their own, connect to software packages, current apps, and existing databases, and mash up data from several systems with visual flows.
  3. High-productivity: Coupling a fundamentally more productive and efficient development environment, powered by robust visual modeling to create sophisticated applications, with streamlined deployment and feedback capture yields stunning productivity gains.

Leveraging OutSystems Platform with vCloud Air, customers can benefit from a high-productivity platform that helps them address the new and ever-changing landscape of business demands and competitive pressures to create, deploy and manage a huge number of sophisticated applications.

The need for efficiency, speed and cost-savings are driving increasing numbers of enterprises to the cloud, and for many customers, vCloud Air is the perfect hybrid solution from a partner they already know and trust. We are pleased to be pairing the flexibility and fluidity of vCloud Air with the rapid delivery power and productivity benefits of OutSystems Platform, to give businesses the power needed to create an engagement platform for their mobile applications.

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