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Do you remember going to Blockbuster and renting Titanic in VHS just to make sure that Jack really had to die? Or renting Super Mario to save that runaway princess over and over again? Though you might have wonderful memories of this once ubiquitous chain store, truth is we’re all very happy with the comfort Redbox and Netflix brought to our lives. Today, in this era of disruption, digital transformation is the key for a business to survive.

But we all know it’s not easy to transform a business. It takes time. It takes tools and the right team. And that brings the inevitable questions. Which tools should I use? How can I make the best use of the team I have with all these new technologies and languages showing up? How can we get apps to market or in the hands of employees faster? Especially when, at the end of the day, it takes budget?

Enter OutSystems NextStep

Luckily, there are answers to these questions and more and you can find them at OutSystems NextStep—the number one event for digital transformation and low-code—which is is right around the corner.

To entice you to attend, we could tell you all about the fantastic lineup of inspirational speakers, industry leaders, and technology experts. But we’d rather you hear why you should go to OutSystems NextStep from actual attendees: our OutSystems Most Valuable Professionals.

No Regrets: Nuno Reis, Developer Freelancer

"I haven't attended all the editions of NextStep. I can't say how many I’ve been to, but I know that I missed at least two. Why do I know that? Because what was revealed in those two events made me regret not going. Whenever I look at the program, I see something that I can't miss. Not necessarily the news about the upcoming product version, but the sessions like design, best practices or a simple 'ask the team.' It gives me the information to work better for a whole year. Besides, where else can someone mingle with all the gurus of OutSystems?" (Learn why you can trust Nuno here.)

Looking Forward: Justin James, Senior Director at FICO

"I have been to NextStep a few times now, and each time I go I learn a ton of important information and strengthen our relationship with OutSystems. Getting the face-to-face interaction with the R&D, support, and developer relationship teams is irreplaceable. NextStep puts me ahead of the game and tells me exactly what I need to know for the next year. The technical content improves every year as well, and this year looks to be the best ever. I look forward to each year's event more than the last!" (Learn why you can trust Justin here.)

A Few Tricks: Tiago Neves, Head of Practice at Ice Edge

"I was fortunate enough to attend the last two NextSteps and it has proved to be an invaluable experience. I've got new perspectives on technical challenges, learned a few tricks and strengthened my network. I've heard this year we'll have an astronaut, a racing driver and a humanoid robot? OutSystems must be reaching new frontiers! Gartner and Forrester together... it must be special. I can't wait to see where OutSystems is heading next. It is amazing the energy you feel at NextStep; it will definitely get you charged up!" (Learn why you can trust Tiago here.)

Totally Worth It: Rafael Pereira, Founder of AgileBR

"Do you want my testimonial about OutSystems NextStep? Easy! I think this will be my eighth participation and each one was totally worth it! It’s an amazing event, with lots of opportunities to share experiences, networking and to keep in touch with the 'OutSystems way of life.' You can meet clients, developers, UX guys, engineering teams, product management. This is a great experience and there you will definitely learn something new." (Learn why you can trust Rafael here.)

Proving the Power: Jimmy Vankerkhove, Consultant at B-Synergy

"NextStep last year ... what an experience. I had only known about OutSystems for a few months, but had the opportunity to attend NextStep. I had no idea what I should expect. It started great with the Developers Morning, where we could sit together with the OutSystems experts. During the conference afterwards, it was hard to choose which sessions to attend. So many interesting speakers, topics and demos. It proved the power of OutSystems once more. My motivation got a real boost and I got to know so many kind people. Thanks to NextStep, I could take my next step into the OutSystems world." (Learn why you can trust Jimmy here. His company, B-Synergy, is an OutSystems partner and has presented at OutSystems NextStep events in the past.)

Icing on the Cake: Gonçalo Martins, Senior Software Engineer at Wodify

"NextStep just keeps on getting better and better every year. Last year, I really enjoyed most of the sessions and the way they were structured by subject. And of course, the icing on the cake was the launch of OutSystems 10 and all the sessions about it were great. Best version ever! Looking forward to this year's event and all the news and sessions that are being organized for all the technical and sales people."(Learn why you can trust Gonçalo here.)

Very Positive Vibe: Kilian Hekhuis, Functional Specialist at MAIN Energie

“I've been attending the Lisbon NextStep for years now, and it's always been worthwhile. I'm not sure what’s the best part: getting first-hand exciting information about new developments (mobile!), talking with the OutSystems people, meeting fellow OutSystems enthusiasts - there's just so much greatness it's difficult to say. There's just this very positive vibe, leaving me with renewed energy and enthusiasm for OutSystems and their great software, and a thousand new ideas for developing great software.”(Learn why you can trust Kilian here.)

Be Amazed: Kurt Vandevelde, Managing Partner at Providit

"NextStep 2017. The next step for anyone even remotely involved with OutSystems. It's the only time of the year where developers, sales, managers and potential customers can get a glimpse of what OutSystems will bring in for the next months. It's not only the moment to discover and be amazed by what's ahead, but also a time to discuss your ideas—and pains—with the OutSystems staff. Potential customers will discover that a big—and rapidly growing—community exists. And they will feel the enthusiasm shared by everybody, independent of role, about low-code and OutSystems. Bottom line: an event that you cannot afford to miss!" (Learn why you can trust Kurt here.)


With such glowing testimonials, how can you resist OutSystems NextStep? Register here and join us in Lisbon, Utrecht or Chicago.

Get ready to accelerate your digital journey.