XDx – Using Agile Development to Support Scientific Research Studies

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal recently ran  articles on an important new blood test, called AlloMap, which was developed by XDx, a cutting-edge biopharma based in California. xdxAlloMap.jpgWhat’s AlloMap, and why is it making headlines? From the New York Times article:

A blood test that analyzes genetic activity could let heart transplant patients avoid many of the invasive and uncomfortable biopsies now used to monitor whether their immune systems are rejecting their new organs, doctors said in a study published Thursday.

The study found that patients who were monitored for rejection using the blood test had outcomes roughly equivalent to those of patients who were given frequent heart biopsies.

It’s an impressive development in the area of cardiovascular medicine, and according to one doctor quoted in the article, XDx’s AlloMap “will cause a paradigm shift in how we monitor for rejection.”

So what does this have to do with agile development or OutSystems?

XDx used the OutSystems Agile Platform to create the business application it now uses to track and analyze the diagnostic tests required in clinical studies. The application replaced XDx’s former Excel-based and manually intensive processes, increasing their ability to study clinical data in a timely manner. Using Agile Platform, XDx delivered its first application to business users in only 6 weeks – including one week of fine-tuning. XDx’s story is only one example of the kind of applications that are being built using Agile Platform, but we think it’s a pretty remarkable one.

If you want to learn more about how XDx turned to Agile Platform to meet the ever-changing requirements they were receiving from their scientists, check out the case study, or watch the above clip of Stefan Meier, Principal Software Architect in XDx’s Information Sciences Department. You can also read about Stefan’s presentation at NextStep in which he discussed the XDx experience of introducing Agile.

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