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Training the next generation of product leaders


At OutSystems, innovation is at the heart of everything we do

Started in 2021, the B2B Product Academy is an in-house learning program for product managers working at OutSystems.

Through learning and sharing, we are nurturing our product management culture and raising the new generation of B2B product leaders.

The Academy Core Drivers

There are a lot of skills for Product Managers to master.

We developed a Framework that codifies the critical skills for B2B Product Management. Using this framework, Product Managers at OutSystems regularly assess their strengths and adjust their own growth plans.

At OutSystems, Product Managers never stop learning.

Continuous Growth

We challenge ourselves to continuously learn and improve.

Customer Obsession

We listen actively and fall in love with customer problems.


We leverage market and user research to craft winning product strategies.

Influential Leadership

We use storytelling to create enthusiasm for our products.

OutSystems Domain Expert

We are Experts in our product areas and know our products in depth.

Featured Instructors

Bruce McCarthy

Author of "Product Roadmaps relaunched"

Iñaki Escudero

Storytelling leader at Hyper Island

Rodrigo Coutinho

Co-founder and Director of Data Science at OutSystems

Tami Reiss

Product leader coach with 15+ years of experience

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What our Product Managers say...

"The B2B Product Academy has been forcing me to stop, rethink and improve the way I work on a daily basis. This goes from building and deploying strategies to prioritizing customer problems in well-structured roadmaps or even reviewing the way I tell stories and influence others. It also does this by bringing top senior executives and leaders from around the world that are sharing their firsthand experience."

Vasco Pessanha Director, Product Management - App Development

“The practical examples from the guest product leaders and the well-structured frameworks they shared, immensely helped to quickly tailor strategy and roadmap messaging for customers and internal executives. Highly recommend the boot camp for every key stakeholder in the company.”

Madhu Vulpala Director, Product Management - Cloud
Talk Series

Product Ops Unwrapped

Product Ops Unwrapped is a new talk series brought to you by OutSystems that aims to showcase the relatively new discipline of Product Operations!

Public Resources

We share our learnings, insights, and best practices with the product community at large. In fact, our team has recently created a public Miro board with some helpful resources on how to be a better Product Manager, featuring > 50 books, > 15 courses/training, > 10 blogs, and much more. Check it out

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Accelerate your career in product in a hyper-growth company that values continuous learning.