Behind the OutSystems Keyboard

Miguel Vicente

I was never a brilliant student. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was five. My teachers said I’d never go to university. And they were right about that. Though, not for the reason they thought. Some kids dream of becoming a cop or a soccer player, but I dreamed bigger; I dreamed of changing the world. That’s why, at 14, I started to study computer programming. I saw the world-changing potential I was looking for in technology, since, through computers, I could create solutions that improve people’s lives. And I worked hard for it. I became the best ranked in my class because I knew what I wanted. Motivation is all it takes to achieve our goals. By the time I was 17, I was a full-stack developer working at an IT company.

But our firm was looking for new and efficient ways to develop apps and we thought a low-code platform could be the solution. I admit that my first weeks on the OutSystems platform were tough. My first app didn’t go that well; I was always trying to get into the code. It’s hard to explain: when you’re used to coding, learning a visual language is just… different. I felt I wasn’t in control of the code being generated.

With time and practice, I learned it. And it has been a rewarding journey. If I have an idea, I can just draw it and bring it to life. I have the means to design, program and build something that can actually improve someone’s life; the power to build something not only pretty but also functional. I often see developers and designers clashing because they don’t understand each other’s pains. OutSystems is constantly investing in this, constantly “making it possible”. I can relate to those values.

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