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GarantiBank Moves Core End-to-End Processes to the Cloud to Improve Agility

Working with OutSystems to deliver process digitalization in the cloud, GarantiBank improved efficiency in just 6 months.

Walking the Line: How USACS Built a Better Portal and Saved Millions with OutSystems

The Central Line portal enables much greater collaboration across the organization, while also saving the company over $1 million per year.

Terminal Giant Vopak Mobilizes Workforce, Increases Employee Efficiency by 50% With OutSystems

Vopak is using the OutSystems low-code platform to build large mission-critical applications to support its core processes, enabling the company to mobilize its workforce and acquire real-time insights in logistics.

Another Low-code Platform Success: MicroMain Builds a Better Maintenance Management System for Customers

MicroMain switched to a low-code development platform and rebuilt its core maintenance solution. The result? Lower costs, happy customers, and a competitive edge.

Logitech Legacy Modernization Speeds Products to Market With OutSystems

Logitech replaced Lotus Notes with a low-code development platform that was faster and easier and built 80 apps with 4 developers (half the previous team).

NHS PHP Builds Mobile App and Online Patient Booking System in Less Than 7 Weeks

NHS needed to build a mobile app and an online patient booking system in 2 months. With a low-code platform, it took less than 7 weeks. See how they did it.

Hospital Management System Built with Low-code Platform Saves Years of Development and Deployment Time

With a low-code platform, Advanced Technology Company developed a hospital management system that’s easy to use and deploys in weeks (not years).

FinTech Leader on the Rise: Finance Company Will Build Native Mobile Apps with Low-Code Platform

See how a finance company became a FinTech leader by replacing its core banking system and building native mobile apps with OutSystems low-code platform.

The Right Prescription for Healthy Software: Promedico Thrives with Innovative Healthcare Apps

Promedico, a leading healthcare software provider, builds two innovative medication management apps with OutSystems low-code development platform.

How OutSystems Helped EMC Build and Scale TheHub to Serve 12,000 Engineers

When EMC needed to build a portal to help facilitate an open contribution model across its hundreds of engineering labs around the world, it turned to OutSystems for help.

How OutSystems Helped Turn Warehouse Employees into Ace Mobile App Developers

The Washington State-based fruit growing, packing, and shipping company built several mobile apps that take advantage of its data to optimize its field and warehouse processes.

Helping an Enterprise-Grade Naval Asset Management System Get Into Shipshape

AMPS™ is a highly sophisticated asset management system that four of the world’s navies rely on for everything from tracking vessels, aircraft and munitions to scheduling maintenance and managing personnel. With more than 5,000 users in 120 locations, it’s a serious, mission-critical application. So, when the developer of AMPS (Atos) decided to update this legacy platform with even more functionality to meet the needs of a modern navy, it turned to OutSystems for help.

Industrial Conglomerate Builds an HR System, Decreasing Payroll Processing Time by 65%

Given the diverse needs of its companies working across a wide range of sectors, TDG required an exceptionally flexible and sophisticated system to administer its HR department. The company had used several systems without the level of success it desired, before discovering OutSystems.

Beeztees transforms into a flexible and marketing-driven organization

Beeztees used OutSystems to create an omni-channel e-commerce platform that includes product, inventory, pricing, and order information, integrated with SAP.

AXA Simplifies Claims Tracking for 3000+ Brokers With Self-Service App Built Using OutSystems

Learn how insurance company AXA made brokers and customers happy (and reduced costs) by building a web portal in 3 months using OutSystems low-code platform.

Research Center Develops Lab Management Solution to Process 150,000 Reservations per Year

See how a custom Lab Management Solution was built in just 3 months at Georgia Tech IEN, to process over 150,000 reservations per year.

OutSystems Empowers Educators to Better Prepare University of Georgia Graduates

OutSystems Platform personal environment serves as a valuable devops tool for business and IT majors, giving them the technical foundation for becoming business analysts. Students learn how to easily develop enterprise, web and mobile applications and how these applications can be maintained by a range of users who understand what the applications mean to end users and how to customize them when necessary.

Energy Distributor Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Euros Automating Complex Business Processes

ENGIE built a nomination and balancing solution to automate complex processes and reduce imbalances and penalties by 80%, saving hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Mercy Ships Improves Volunteer Experience, Increases Submissions by 20% With Online Recruitment Tool

In less than six months, two Mercy Ships staff members developed an online volunteer submission process that allowed them to leave paper applications and manual data-entry behind and reduced volunteer application times from days to hours.

FICO Origination Manager Rebuilt From the Ground up in Half the Time

FICO Origination Manager Application Processing Module Rebuilt From the Ground Up in Half the Time With Less Budget

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