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IOOF Gives Developers a New Lease on Life With OutSystems

With an increasing backlog of high priority digital projects, IOOF needed a way to reskill the legacy development teams quickly.

Process Automation Drives Productivity and Insight for Koopman Logistics Group

From route maps to online timesheets, Koopman Logistics Group replaces paper with process automation using OutSystems low-code development platform.

McMillan Shakespeare Group Finds a Platform for Rapid Innovation in Low-Code

MMSG is innovating at speed to keep Australia’s largest provider of salary packaging and novated leasing services ahead of the market for customer experience.

Randstad Develops Automated Medical Staff Payroll Process for Clinical Business Unit in Five Months

Clinical Payroll System to automate employee payroll and payslip processing, delivered by Randstad in only 5 months.

Randstad Builds Customer Portal in Six Months Using OutSystems and Three Developers

Custom built customer portal reaching 20.000 users delivered in only 6 months by Randstad using the OutSystems Platform.

Going for Gold: How OutSystems Helped Randstad Brazil Overcome a Giant Hurdle

The largest sporting event of 2016 (in Rio) represented a massive logistical challenge - to recruit and place 1,500 people in temporary positions, in just two months.

Liberty Insurance Achieves 274% Policy Growth With Suite of Low-Code Applications

In order to grow its market share, Portuguese insurer Liberty Seguros needed to provide its brokers and customers with the very best customer experience.

PlayRight Launches Neighboring Rights Management System with OutSystems in Half the Time

PlayRight Launches Core System in Half the Time with OutSystems. Read the full Case Study to see how they did it.

Apps Across the Enterprise - MAIN Energie Delivers Business Transformation With Speed and Scale

MAIN Energie is transforming their business one app at a time, from sales to purchasing to customer facing portals. Using an innovative combination of low-code development and agile methodology they create apps 4-6 times faster than traditional development.

NES Financial Solves Scalability Challenges With OutSystems and Low-Code Development

Since implementing OutSystems, NES Financial has delivered on its initial back-office scope of work and more, adding 50 percent more functionality to their platform and replacing several legacy spreadsheets with a new solution that simplifies data entry on the front-end, and significantly improved back-end tracking and reporting processes. And all in just four short months.

City of Las Vegas Bets on Low-Code, Wins Big With OutSystems

OutSystems enabled the city to develop the first app in just six sprints over 12 weeks, kickstarting a mission to improve all kinds of services for 600,000+ citizens.

Las Vegas Wins Big With a Mobile Inspector App in Just Three Months

To modernize their digital services and meet the demands of a thriving city, the City of Las Vegas wanted to build a variety of feature-rich, cross-departmental applications on top of their new service-oriented architecture.

Universal Puerto Rico Adjusts to Changing Customer Expectations With Citizen Developers and OutSystems

Puerto Rico regularly deals with the threat of devastatingly bad weather. Wanting to be proactive, Universal Insurance used OutSystems to develop solutions that will enable them to serve their customers better during the next big, natural disaster. Their timing was just right.

Total Produce Delivers Daily Fruit to UK Schools With OutSystems

Having won the UK government Fruit4Schools contract, Total Produce encountered a problem. In order to ensure payment for deliveries under the contract, Total Produce needed to be able to provide electronic proof of delivery. With wafer-thin margins, missing paperwork and manual processes could quickly turn this prestigious government contract into a loss-maker.

England and Wales Cricket Board Enables Fast, Flexible Innovation With OutSystems

By using the OutSystems platform, the organization has enabled a fast, collaborative approach to development – cutting costs and putting the right tools in the right hands when they’re needed most.

Oakland Delivers Transformative Digital Services for Residents, Saves $1 Million Using OutSystems

The City of Oakland set out to make an impact on residents’ lives by modernizing its digital services and increasing digital inclusion, especially to underserved populations. With OutSystems, the development team delivered an impressive eight apps in just 12 months, including the single sign-on OAKAPPS portal at the centerpiece of the transformation. Not only were they able to develop each app in weeks versus years, but the development team saved the city an estimated $1 million—all while improving city services to residents.

Delta Coffee Gets Piping-Hot Sales Information System Served by OutSystems Partner Truewind

Delta got a custom solution that saves 75% in campaign planning time and allows users to access campaign information anytime and on any device.

Ahead of the Curve: Maxtel Goes Mobile With OutSystems

Maxtel Software’s Windows-based software products were in danger of falling behind the curve. So to keep growing, it needed new mobile and web development capabilities—fast.

The City of Shawnee Brightens the Future of Legacy Apps

The City of Shawnee has only one application developer on staff. But with OutSystems, that’s all it takes to mobilize legacy apps, rethink workflow to save time and money, and provide valuable work experience opportunities for local college students.

Deloitte Wins Hackathon Bid and Delivers AI App With OutSystems

Together with OutSystems, Deloitte built a working prototype of an artificial intelligence (AI) application in one week.

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