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On a Mission to Modernize Product Portfolio, Post Office Delivers Their First App Fast With OutSystems Low-Code

Learn how U.K. financial services retailer Post Office started its wide-scale digital transformation with the delivery of its first travel product mobile app, which they delivered in a record-breaking timeframe using OutSystems.

Nimbi Truly Masters DevOps With OutSystems

Hampered by unstable and complex legacy systems and increasing customer concerns, supply chain management software provider, Nimbi, developed a new, modernized core system and a full toolkit of user-friendly solutions with OutSystems.

Burton Creates Logistics Solution, Generating 10x ROI in Revenue

To continue innovating and changing the way people enjoy the outdoors, Burton had to revamp its logistics operations. With OutSystems, Burton built a new logistics solution that generated 10 times its ROI in revenue.

Strapped to a Restrictive ERP, Cordstrap Makes Vital Information Globally Available With OutSystems

To match their global business, cargo strap manufacturer Cordstrap needed organizational systems on a worldwide scale. Partnering with Phact, they leveraged OutSystems low-code development to unify their worldwide organization with a user-friendly ERP front-end solution.

With Inventory in Constant Motion, YAK MAT Leverages OutSystems to Simplify Processes

Access mat supplier YAK MAT needed a new ERP to track their vast inventory that’s spread across multiple supply yards and always on the move. OutSystems allowed them to build a customized ERP with all the integration and automation features they needed, and now, suppliers, customers, and the business are enjoying increased efficiency.

OutSystems Becomes a Strategic Platform for Leading Insurance Company’s Digital Transformation

Discover how Grupo Fidelidade is using OutSystems as a strategic platform to develop great apps on all channels—and the clear impact on sales efficiency and increased up-sell and cross-sell.

Large Private Healthcare Group Brings in OutSystems to Support Business Expansion

Luz Saúde outgrew its old systems, so it needed an update. Using OutSystems, it installed a new intranet for 14,000 employees in 23 hospitals and supported its business expansion with a dedicated portal that boosted referral volumes from independent physicians.

From Big Idea to Business Launch, FinTech Startup RediPay Takes Off with OutSystems

For FinTech startup RediPay, a robust application portfolio was crucial to launching their plan to change the face of healthcare. Using OutSystems, they brought three complex applications online quickly, saving time and money.

Financial Services Technology Consultancy Asseco PST Addresses Sales and Project Management Challenges With OutSystems

Asseco PST’s sales and project management systems were outdated and couldn’t keep up. Using OutSystems, they solved their systems issues with two new apps that have empowered their sales and management teams to get on top of their work-flow and increase business growth.

OutSystems Powers Digital Transformation at Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Brazilian Footwear

With 20,000 employees in 11 factories, Grendene needed a variety of technical solutions at a scale that would test the versatility of any digital transformation platform. Using OutSystems, they built the solutions they needed in half the estimated times and saved upwards of $50,000 in the process.

How BRI Security Pioneered Tech-Infused Security Services by Using OutSystems

For BRI Security and its largest client, processing the volume of handwritten reports produced by its field operatives was becoming impossible. To solve the problem, they chose to pioneer tech-infused security operations.

Portuguese Post Office Simplifies and Accelerates Customs Clearance Processes With OutSystems

Learn how CTT developed a new website in record time and achieved a 75% reduction in the duration of customs clearance processes and a sustained decrease in related claims.

Deloitte Wins Hackathon Bid and Delivers AI App With OutSystems

Together with OutSystems, Deloitte built a working prototype of an artificial intelligence (AI) application in one week.

Ahead of the Curve: Maxtel Goes Mobile With OutSystems

Maxtel Software’s Windows-based software products were in danger of falling behind the curve. So to keep growing, it needed new mobile and web development capabilities—fast.

Delta Coffee Gets Piping-Hot Sales Information System Served by OutSystems Partner Truewind

Delta got a custom solution that saves 75% in campaign planning time and allows users to access campaign information anytime and on any device.

YESCO Delivers Field Service Apps With OutSystems, Solving Critical Business Challenges

Global sign maker YESCO needed to accelerate and streamline its delivery processes. Using OutSystems, YESCO built four enterprise apps, cutting development time by 50 percent.

Oakland Delivers Transformative Digital Services for Residents to Save $1 Million

The City of Oakland wanted to modernize the services it offers its residents. With OutSystems, they delivered eight apps in just 12 months, while saving an estimated $1 million.

England and Wales Cricket Board Enables Fast, Flexible Innovation With OutSystems

By using the OutSystems platform, the organization has enabled a fast, collaborative approach to development – cutting costs and putting the right tools in the right hands when they’re needed most.

Universal Puerto Rico Adjusts to Changing Customer Expectations With Citizen Developers and OutSystems

Puerto Rico regularly deals with the threat of devastatingly bad weather. Wanting to be proactive, Universal Insurance used OutSystems to develop solutions that will enable them to serve their customers better during the next big, natural disaster. Their timing was just right.

Total Produce Delivers Daily Fruit to UK Schools With OutSystems

Having won the UK government Fruit4Schools contract, Total Produce encountered a problem. In order to ensure payment for deliveries under the contract, Total Produce needed to be able to provide electronic proof of delivery. With wafer-thin margins, missing paperwork and manual processes could quickly turn this prestigious government contract into a loss-maker.