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England and Wales Cricket Board Enables Fast, Flexible Innovation With OutSystems

By using the OutSystems platform, the organization has enabled a fast, collaborative approach to development – cutting costs and putting the right tools in the right hands when they’re needed most.

Universal Puerto Rico Adjusts to Changing Customer Expectations With Citizen Developers and OutSystems

Puerto Rico regularly deals with the threat of devastatingly bad weather. Wanting to be proactive, Universal Insurance used OutSystems to develop solutions that will enable them to serve their customers better during the next big, natural disaster. Their timing was just right.

Total Produce Delivers Daily Fruit to UK Schools With OutSystems

Having won the UK government Fruit4Schools contract, Total Produce encountered a problem. In order to ensure payment for deliveries under the contract, Total Produce needed to be able to provide electronic proof of delivery. With wafer-thin margins, missing paperwork and manual processes could quickly turn this prestigious government contract into a loss-maker.

NES Financial Solves Scalability Challenges With OutSystems and Low-Code Development

Since implementing OutSystems, NES Financial has delivered on its initial back-office scope of work and more, adding 50 percent more functionality to their platform and replacing several legacy spreadsheets with a new solution that simplifies data entry on the front-end, and significantly improved back-end tracking and reporting processes. And all in just four short months.

Zurich Insurance Builds Omnichannel Agent Experience, Increasing New Policy Sales

With OutSystems, Zurich Insurance replaced a legacy system with a new, omnichannel platform for agents. The portal's streamlined functions, design, and features help agents get more done.

McMillan Shakespeare Group Finds a Platform for Rapid Innovation in Low-Code

MMSG is innovating at speed to keep Australia’s largest provider of salary packaging and novated leasing services ahead of the market for customer experience.

IOOF Gives Developers a New Lease on Life With OutSystems

With an increasing backlog of high priority digital projects, IOOF needed a way to reskill the legacy development teams quickly.

Las Vegas Wins Big With a Mobile Inspector App in Just Three Months

To modernize their digital services and meet the demands of a thriving city, the City of Las Vegas wanted to build a variety of feature-rich, cross-departmental applications on top of their new service-oriented architecture.

City of Las Vegas Bets on Low-Code, Wins Big With OutSystems

OutSystems enabled the city to develop the first app in just six sprints over 12 weeks, kickstarting a mission to improve all kinds of services for 600,000+ citizens.

Cofidis launches new consumer credit product in only five weeks with the OutSystems platform

In only five weeks, Cofidis launched a new transactional website, which allowed for near-constant change with a short turnaround and low cost.

Liberty Insurance Achieves 274% Policy Growth With Suite of OutSystems Apps

Since 2004, Liberty has used OutSystems to build and maintain "Liberty Connect," an integrated suite of 83 applications that serves its entire distribution network.

ADEC Innovations Advances Environmental Sustainability With OutSystems

Using OutSystems, ADEC Innovations created four new enterprise apps over 60% faster for areas and industries that include textiles, apparel and footwear, climate change benchmarking, real estate data and metrics, and supply chain sustainability.

Rollins Exterminates Manual Processes With a Customer Relations App Built With OutSystems

A new app that streamlines back-office administrative tasks, provides customers with service reports, and reduces alert processing to less than 20 minutes.

Wodify Technologies Automates Crossfit Gym Experience Using Outsystems

Wodify Technologies has digitized the world of CrossFit gyms with fitness apps built on the OutSystems platform.

BPL Global Accelerates Development and Escapes Lotus Notes Legacy with Low-Code Approach

In the two years since adopting OutSystems, BPL Global delivered 10 applications that have transformed the efficiency of brokers, administration, and compliance functions while improving customer experience.

A Zest for Easier Mortgage Applications Leads FinTech Innovator BlueZest to Low-code Development

When BlueZest wanted to provide a radically faster, modern, digital mortgage application and approval process that cut weeks from traditional methods, they chose OutSystems.

Terminal Giant Vopak Increases Employee Efficiency by 50% With OutSystems

Learn how Vopak, one of the world’s largest tank terminal operators, replaced the JD Edwards ERP system and built a new mission-critical terminal management system.

Walking the Line: How USACS Built a Better Portal and Saved Millions with OutSystems

The Central Line portal enables much greater collaboration across the organization, while also saving the company over $1 million per year.

Industrial Conglomerate Builds an HR System, Decreasing Payroll Processing Time by 65%

Given the diverse needs of its companies working across a wide range of sectors, TDG required an exceptionally flexible and sophisticated system to administer its HR department. The company had used several systems without the level of success it desired, before discovering OutSystems.

The Right Prescription for Healthy Software: Promedico Thrives with Innovative Healthcare Apps

Promedico, a leading healthcare software provider, builds two innovative medication management apps with OutSystems low-code development platform.