Ability8 Takes the Complexity Out of Care Management With Streamlined App Built With OutSystems

With the complexity of managing care in Australia set to increase, software expert and primary caregiver Mark Condon used the OutSystems platform to create a new tool to help people just like him. Now, Mark’s Ability8 app makes it simple for families and people with disabilities to manage care and track essential funding—and it’s only getting better.

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"Using OutSystems I’ve been able to create a tool that enables individual families to get the care they need on their own terms. It puts everything they need to get the best care in one place."Mark Condon, Director, Ability8

Making Essential Care More Manageable

Challenge - For the past 22 years, Mark Condon, director of Abillity8, has been an expert in applying software to solve practical challenges. But during that time, he’s also had another extremely important role to fulfill as a primary caregiver to his daughter.

Like millions of Australian people with disabilities (PWDs) and their caregivers, Mark was familiar with the complexity of managing care services and accessing the government funding available.

So, when the Australian government’s new NDIS standards for care funding were unveiled, Mark immediately recognized a significant new challenge to solve. The new standards were great news for caregivers and PWDs alike, giving them greater freedom, control, and choice in where and how they access care. But practically, it also meant there was about to be a lot more for them to manage.

There was an “opportunity to create a simple software solution to help,” says Mark. “So I decided to create a single digital platform for the management of all care data, including care service contact details, schedules, billing, and tracking of funding.”

Blending Fast Development With Future-Facing Flexibility

Solution - With an extensive background in the software world, Mark understood that he had a lot of choices for developing this new application and that the approach he chose would have a significant impact on what he was able to deliver.

Ultimately, while evaluating platforms and development approaches, Mark needed four main things:

  • The app needed to be easy to change as the details of the NDIS plan shifted and became clearer.
  • Any platform he chose needed multi-language and multi-currency support to aid in the wider rollout of the app once it was successfully deployed in the Australian market.
  • It had to support a simple and streamlined approach to development that would enable Mark to focus on the things he does best, like devising creative solutions to the challenges faced by caregivers.
  • The ability to easily roll out the application across all mobile and web platforms, to ensure caregivers and PWDs have complete flexibility to use the app in the way most convenient for them.

According to Mark, “One of the big reasons I chose OutSystems to develop the app was because it offered the ability to get the app up and running quickly while ensuring we could easily iterate on it as standards and practices outlined within NDIS became clearer.”

"It can be very easy to build applications in the first place, but what’s really challenging is maintaining them long-term. Change management and the common language used within the OutSystems platform were major selling points for Ability8."Mark Condon, Director, Ability8

Supporting Better Care for Everyone

Results - For Mark and millions of caregivers just like him, the results have been truly life-changing. They can now access and manage all of the information relating to the care services they receive in one place, through whichever device they choose, using the Ability8 app.

Because the app handles the billing and scheduling of care services for private individuals, maintaining data security and sovereignty was of paramount importance. Thanks to the freedom of deployment offered by the OutSystems platform, Ability8 is hosted within Australia, ensuring everyone’s data is kept within the territory it came from.

“One of the biggest successes for me has been the robustness of the app,” says Mark. “The Ability8 app has experienced no outages since its launch, which is extremely important when people are relying on it to manage critical care.”

"In the future, it’s very likely that APIs will be used to connect service providers and families through the same platform. One of the reasons I chose OutSystems was because of its API capabilities and ability to support that change."Mark Condon, Director, Ability8

With strong positive feedback from across Australia, Mark now plans on making Ability8 even better, using OutSystems to improve its functionality and simplify the lives of others around the world.

The app is constantly evolving; in the future, Mark plans to explore using APIs for integration with care service providers and to expand capabilities so scheduling and billing are even faster and easier for caregivers and PWDs everywhere.