Insurance Company Develops New Mobile and Web Front-end for Brokers, Cuts Service Center Calls and Offers Unique Online Self Service

Chris Voller, Director of Claims

OutSystems enabled us to rapidly build eServe, a web-based portal for our brokers that helps them better serve their customers and that eliminates unnecessary processes and delays.”


Chris Voller, Director of Claims

AXA, ranked by Interbrand as the number one insurance brand worldwide for the past six years, sought to improve customer experience and reduce costs through innovation. To achieve this, the insurance company chose to modernize its claims processing system by adding a web-based portal using OutSystems. eServe took three months to build, providing an elegant and highly-functional front-end that works on both mobile devices and desktop computers as well as integrates with AXA’s legacy system, ACS, an in house platform based on Oracle and .NET. AXA Commercial Lines and Personal Intermediary, through eServe, cut costs associated with managing its call center and enabled brokers to self-service claims processing. The new, streamlined system decreases the amount of time brokers need to satisfy their customers.

Significantly Reduce Expenses While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Challenge - Knowing that today’s customers expect digital access across all devices - and that brokers will consider other insurance providers if they feel unsatisfied - AXA Commercial Lines management set forth a mandate to innovate. Amanda Blanc, CEO, and Jon Mitchell, Operations Director, challenged IT Director, Ross Burns, to transform AXA’s traditional claim processing system into a digital asset that would please brokers.

Against this backdrop, Darrel Robinson, Solutions Architect at AXA Commercial Lines, came across an OutSystems whitepaper entitled, Why IT Struggles to Innovate: And How You Can Fix It. On page two, Robinson discovered a startling statistic: according to Gartner and other analysts, 80-85% of IT budgets are spent simply on maintaining existing systems—referred to as the Keeping the Lights On (KTLO) dilemma—leaving a miniscule amount of resources for innovation. Being a skeptic, Robinson doubted the veracity of this claim and he investigated AXA Commercial Lines and Personal Intermediary’s IT budget. He soon discovered that AXA spent a significant amount of its IT budget on tasks, personnel and equipment related to maintenance.

How could AXA make good on its mandate to innovate given such an inefficient allocation of money, energy and time?

With an understanding of what was at stake, the team at AXA realized it needed to radically change its IT systems. The company chose to deploy a RAD (Rapid Application Delivery) platform, and researched the leading vendors in this space. After reviewing bids from three leading RAD vendors and analyzing what each company had to offer, AXA chose OutSystems due to its:

  • Robust RAD development and deployment – enabling the agile development, testing, deployment, and management of applications within a very short span of time
  • Open platform with no vendor lock-in – ensuring a high-level of comfort and portability
  • Strength of integration – successfully demonstrated during the Proof of Concept
  • Consultative approach – avoiding the heavy sales tactics that other companies used
Why OutSystems?

AXA Commercial Lines and Personal Intermediary began its digital transformation project by building a front-end portal to make claims tracking available to its brokers. The absence of an off-the-shelf solution gave AXA two options: develop a custom program, coded by hand, or take advantage of a Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform.

OutSystems demonstrated how the Platform met AXA’s technical requirements, as well as how quickly AXA’s new application could be deployed.

OutSystems afforded an opportunity for AXA to rapidly solve its immediate digital transformation challenges while positioning the company to further enhance its IT and claims processes going forward.

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Redesign the Front-end System, Provide an Intuitive Experience, Integrate With the Backend System

Solution - AXA used OutSystems to build eServe in just three months. A web-based portal, accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile device, eServe empowers brokers to quickly and easily view the progress of their client’s claims on AXA policies. Before eServe, brokers had to speak on the phone with a customer service rep to obtain information and status updates on each of their customer’s claims. With eServe, brokers can almost instantly retrieve this same information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere with an Internet connection.

As a pilot program, AXA equipped its own brokerage business, Bluefin, and members of the Brokerbility group with eServe. Both firms found the system intuitive and easy to use without special training. Following the success of the pilot, AXA made eServe available to all UK brokers that do business with the firm. Currently, 3,000 brokers have an eServe account to access real time claims information. With little further development, AXA launched a customer version of eServe that enables policyholders to directly access information about their claims.


Solution Capabilities

  • Real-time status tracking of insurance claims for 3000+ brokers
  • Clear identification of suppliers allocated to claims (repair shops etc.)
  • Clear identification of the next steps and timelines in the claims workflow for each individual claim
  • Significant reduction in the number of calls (and cost) going into the call center

“eServe, built with OutSystems, made financial sense.”

Result - The agility of OutSystems provided AXA with the ability to swiftly pilot and test eServe. Any functionality that did not work as planned could rapidly be determined, corrected and retested. Building eServe on its existing platform would have taken AXA double the amount of time to develop.

eServe delivered the innovation AXA sought, which was to improve the lives of its customers, and in the process, it also improved the lives of its brokers and agents. Moreover, OutSystems offers a first step towards AXA resolving its technical debt and maintenance dilemma and empowering its IT staff to make innovation its core value.

Choosing OutSystems enabled AXA to quickly develop and deploy the eServe application, bringing immediate value to the company. AXA plans to continue to improve the eServe application so that offers additional functionality and benefits to its brokers and customers. “Helping brokers better serve customers,” says Chris Voller, “enables AXA to take advantage of benefits and reducing operating costs that digital claims filing provides. eServe does that.”

0 minutesneeded to access data
260K claimshandled per year
3,000 brokers
  • Integrates with existing backend
  • Allows brokers and customers to access claim status updates, anywhere/anytime
  • Highly scalable, with 3,000 broker/users
  • Provides opportunity for modifications and enhancements without disrupting current functionality
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