16 weeks
time to production
work 265,000
daily transactions processed on a daily basis
chart 75% reduction 
of month-end closing operations' effort

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Brisa creates a toll management system, improves organizational efficiency in 16 weeks with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

Brisa, the leading toll motorway concessionaire in Portugal, operates a network of over 1000 Km. One of its core internal processes is the consolidation of all billing information from over 700 tollbooths, used to determine revenues. Following its strategy of continuously increasing its efficiency levels and improve effectiveness in all revenue information processing, Brisa needed to change the existing revenue consolidation system. The main project challenges were:

  • Create a system that was easy to operate and maintain;
  • Increase process speed: all available information had to be automatically verified, aggregated and posted in the system, with minimum human intervention;
  • Aggressive timeline: Brisa needed a fully-automated solution in place in 4 months, with high flexibility to incorporate new requirements and process changes. 


The Solution:

  • Brisa chose OutSystems Platform to fully redesign its tollbooth information system, taking advantage of the platform's agile capabilities.
  • A centralized system (called SIP) was created to automatically gather and centralize all information and is now accessible online to all employees involved in this process:
    • Files with transit information are collected from tollbooths by an existing application that has been integrated and is now managed directly via SIP;
    • Data is automatically collected from several external entities (Aenor, Autoestradas do Atlântico; Via Verde Portugal; SIBS; Securitas) to determine additional revenue information;
    • All data is automatically consolidated and verified. Email notifications are sent to system operators when errors or inconsistencies are detected. System operators can then access the system directly from the email links and immediately correct wrong data.
    • Controllers have access to an interface that allows them to validate the information from each of the toll-clerk shifts. The system allows them to identify billing deviations between manual and automatic vehicle classification and take the necessary corrective actions. 



  • By using OutSystems Platform, Brisa was able to start creating the new system even without a full specification;
  • Due to the built-to-change support of OutSystems Platform, new requirements were easily accommodated with limited project risk;
  • The project team was able to quickly change existing functionalities and recover from design misspecifications, while at the same time produce a complete and robust solution that covered Brisa's business needs:
    • Over 700 tollbooths integrated;
    • Over 265.000 transactions processed daily;
    • 100% information controlled;
    • Month closing effort reduced by 75%;
    • Increased data completeness, quality and accuracy;
    • Automatic data collection, aggregation and posting;
    • Fraud control and identification of hardware failures.


About Brisa:

Brisa is a toll motorway concessionaire, operating a network of over 1000 Km in Portugal. Brisa is listed in the Euronext 100 Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index STOXX, holding participations in the market leaders in Brazil, Spain and Italy. Brisa was recently ranked by FORBES Magazine as one of the "World 250 Best Companies under $1 Billion Market Cap".

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  • Time-to-market - 16 weeks;
  • Over 700 tollbooths integrated;
  • Over 265,000 daily transactions;
  • 100% information controlled;
  • Month closing effort reduced by 75%.


Project Card

Implemented by:



16 weeks


SAP-FI to post revenues determined by the system; SAP-HR to post information from shift control operations.

User Profiles:

Brisa employees


Evaluation Criteria

  • Agile Methodology;
  • Time to market: fully-automated system in place in 16 weeks;
  • Seamless integration with SAP FI, SAP HR and external entities;
  • High flexibility to incorporate new requirements and process changes to guarantee constant business alignment;
  • Strong authentication and access control mechanisms.
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