Technology Firm bswift Delivers Custom Extras to Clients With a New Platform Built With OutSystems

Learn how four developers on bswift’s development team used OutSystems to create a new platform that allows them to deliver customized solutions for clients–in just three months.

3 months to go live

3 months

4 developers

4 developers

3x faster development speed


Technology firm bswift has earned quite a reputation with its larger and more complex clients, whose expectation seems to be that bswift’s systems can “do anything and do it now.” Its core systems are robust and scalable, but these high-value clients sometimes require custom extras that are time-consuming and costly to deliver using traditional application development methods. Also, development teams have limited capacity to focus on product extensions for one or a few clients.


Instead of building one-off custom portals for each client, bswift used OutSystems to create the reimagined bswift Microsite Platform, which allows them to leverage reusable enterprise-class code to deliver many solutions to many clients. The firm is now able to use the Microsite Platform to create experiences that are specific to each client’s users and business opportunities in a way that is fast, easy, and cost-effective.


The platform took four developers three months to complete, versus seven to nine months without OutSystems. Now the firm is able to create highly custom user experiences for a client base that is accustomed to hearing “yes” to complex challenges, all at a cost that would not have been possible otherwise. And on top of that, the new solution has also improved their ability to win new business.

"While we could have simply built a one-off custom portal, using OutSystems has allowed bswift to create an entire platform from which we can deliver many solutions to many clients while leveraging enterprise class re-usability at a cost that would not have been possible otherwise."Devin Parsons, Head of Digital Transformation at bswift