Strapped to a Restrictive ERP, Cordstrap Makes Vital Information Globally Available With OutSystems

To match their global business, cargo strap manufacturer Cordstrap needed organizational systems on a worldwide scale. Partnering with Phact, they used the OutSystems low-code development platform to unify their worldwide organization with a user-friendly ERP front-end solution.


2 Developers

2 developers

6 months

6 months

2x faster development

2x faster development

Mission: Operational Excellence

Challenge - Cargo strap manufacturer Cordstrap was on a mission to achieve operational excellence. Production planning and reporting procedures were not globally standardized, so their first step was to establish worldwide integration of existing platforms and databases based on ERP data to optimize communication. They needed to accelerate the introduction of new features in current processes. But with no developers in-house, no familiarity with running agile development projects, and an ERP technical platform that did not support a graphical user-friendly interface, Cordstrap needed help. So they turned to OutSystems Certified Partner Phact to rapidly develop a complete planning system that would simplify daily operations throughout their production facilities.

A New App With A Global Integration

Solution - Phact and Cordstrap collaborated throughout the production cycle to deliver a user-friendly application called Planboard. The app provides a graphic visualization of the production schedule and delivery dates for products that Cordstrap must manufacture to fulfill customer needs. The cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with the company’s ERP to allow the Cordstrap team to access vital information from any of its locations and includes a validation connector, which guarantees data integrity. The agile project was completed by two developers in 6 months, versus a year with traditional development methods. Today, Planboard is used worldwide by production, planning, logistics, and expedition teams.

Strapped to a Restrictive ERP, Cordstrap Makes Vital Information Globally Available With OutSystems Low Code
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Reliable Production, Improved Service, and More Satisfied Customers

Results - With Planboard successfully implemented in Cordstrap’s worldwide production and warehouse centers, the organization is now making huge strides in its operational excellence journey. Improved data quality and analytics have led to more reliable production schedules and a higher service-level, which is reflected in customer satisfaction. Finally, the production process is now less dependent on people and offers Cordstrap a good understanding of all the processes, all the way from headquarters. This makes it possible for the company to take action earlier when needed, improving production efficiency.

Arnoud Beckers
"Built with OutSystems, Planboard provides great product insight. It shows what work we have in progress and what we need to manufacture, giving us relevant information in a fast and clear way. This will really help us day to day."Arnoud Beckers, Global IT Director