DNB Bank Modernizes its Bespoke CRM System 70% Faster Without “Ripping and Replacing” Legacy Banking Systems

Corporate bank DNB Bank Polska SA needed to modernize its CRM system, without replacing or disrupting its core banking systems. Working with local OutSystems partner C&F, they delivered their new CRM system in half the time of previous estimates. Now all customer-facing staff have quicker, easier access to relevant customer information. They can work more efficiently, improve customer experience, and more successfully deliver relationship-driven banking services.


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6 months to deliver bespoke CRM system

70% faster time to market

70% faster time to market

Integrated with legacy core banking systems

Integrated with legacy core banking systems

CX improved across the entire business

CX improved across the entire business

“Having evaluated the market, we found that OutSystems was the ideal solution to deliver applications that integrate with multiple systems and data sources while providing great user experiences.”Konrad Jeczen; CIO; DNB Bank Polska

Modernize a Bespoke CRM System Without Disrupting Legacy Systems

Challenge - Leading Polish corporate bank, DNB Bank Polska is on a mission to provide relationship-driven banking to large customers in industries including power, oil & gas, technology, manufacturing, and the public sector. But, the limitations of its legacy core banking systems slowed down and undermined customer experience improvement. It made it hard for staff to provide the best possible service.

According to CIO Konrad Jeczen, “Providing a modern, easy to use CRM system, fast, was a significant challenge, as so many legacy systems are involved. All the business and IT interdependencies meant we needed to deliver the improvements without replacing or upgrading core banking systems.”

The bank needed a new CRM system. The objectives were to make it easier for staff to provide excellent customer service and for it to act as the customer master data management system. It needed to be much more user-friendly and provide more powerful and faster search capabilities.

New CRM System Delivered in Record Time

Solution - Konrad felt that low-code application development would be the right approach. The promises of faster and easier development were attractive, especially considering the bank’s limited budget and scant resources for in-house application development.

Having surveyed the market and evaluated several possibilities, Konrad selected OutSystems as the bank’s preferred low-code platform. Key selection criteria included:

  • Market leadership and adoption by other banks
  • Flexibility
  • Development speed
  • Ease of use for an IT team with limited app dev resources
  • Strong integration capabilities for multiple legacy systems and external data sources
  • Ability to provide a brilliant user experience.

“In terms of speed, integration, and UX, OutSystems stood out,” explains Konrad, “And the availability of local expertise from their certified partner C&F also played an important part in our decision process.”

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C&F is an established provider of software solutions and technology services specializing in Life Sciences and beyond.

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New CRM System Increases Customer Service Efficiency

Results - Using OutSystems, the bank’s IT team and partner C&F developed the new CRM system in six months. This was 50% less time than an earlier estimate based on a traditional hand-coded development approach. The new system became the bank’s customer master data system, feeding the core banking systems, and avoiding the need for costly upgrades or replacements.

The new solution integrates with almost every system in the bank and is used by all customer-facing employees, including customer relationship managers and the customer support contact center.

Key benefits of the system, include:

  • Modern, user-friendly interface provides superior UX, more powerful search options and faster performance
  • Improved productivity for the customer support contact center
  • Customer relationship managers provide a better service to their customers
  • The agility to respond quickly to new CX related requirements.

70% Faster Development and Delivery of New Applications

Outlook - Based on the success of the project, DNB Bank Polska is extending its use of OutSystems to deliver several new apps and services that will strengthen relationships and improve customer service. These include:

  • Automatic transaction confirmations
  • E-forms filling
  • Customer scoring
  • Securities management, and more.

With OutSystems, DNB Bank Polska has found the ability to continuously innovate without needing to rip and replace legacy core banking systems, and developing bespoke software solutions is up to 70% faster than before.