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Falcker Revolutionizes Asset Inspection with Mobile Field Service App

6 months from concept to deployment
3x faster than traditional development
#1 first to market advantage
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Falcker has revolutionized industrial asset inspection to improve the oil and gas industry’s safety, compliance, and efficiency. OutSystems’ powers’ its custom-built mobile field-based inspection mobile app and its cloud-based backend maintenance platform.

Falcker’s innovative and unique inspection approach, including drones, sensors, IoT, digital twins, artificial intelligence, and its custom-built inspection and maintenance apps, gives Falcker a first-to-market advantage. And rapid development with OutSystems helps Falcker continually innovate to stay ahead.

  • Digital Core Systems
  • Field Service Optimization
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Apps & Portals
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"We selected OutSystems to develop, deploy and maintain our mobile inspection app because its integrated development environment enabled us to build web-based and native mobile apps with offline capabilities. It took just six months to go from initial concept to deployment, around three times faster than if we had used traditional development."

Duco Boer CIO, Falcker

A Mission to Disrupt Requires App Dev Agility

Falcker was founded in 2017 with the mission to revolutionize the inspection and maintenance of industrial assets, such as oil and gas terminals. These facilities include storage tanks, piping, and many other assets that require high safety and compliance standards. Hence the need for continuous monitoring and inspection.

Falcker’s vision was to use drones, multi-spectral cameras, sensors, IoT, digital twins, and artificial intelligence to significantly reduce the labor-intensive aspects of asset inspection.

Falcker needed to custom-build a mobile inspection app that would support offline working, plus a full-featured backend maintenance application to pull all the inspection data together.

“We considered a variety of options to build the mobile app including Microsoft Dynamics Field Service, which our team members had previously used, and another low-code platform. Ultimately, we selected OutSystems as it gave us the most flexibility, speed, and agility to innovate continually.”

Duco Boer CIO, Falcker

Crucial to Falcker’s OutSystems selection was the ability to rapidly develop both web-based and native mobile applications with offline capabilities. Field-based inspections required deployment to ruggedized tablets, often used in harsh locations with poor wireless coverage.

“OutSystems matched best with our DevOps and Cloud deployment vision,” explains Duco Boer, CIO at Falcker. “We use a variety of technologies, but all of these are glued together using the OutSystems platform.”

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Why Falcker chose OutSystems:
  • Speed-up development and improve agility
  • Deliver web and mobile applications
  • Enable continuous delivery

Low-code Development Means Faster Speed to Market

Commenting on Falcker’s experience with OutSystems, Duco says, “We were wary of false promises. But the quality and accessibility of OutSystems training, documentation, community resources, and the platform itself have lived up to all our expectations.”

“Our success required hard work and sometimes painful mistakes. When you’re a pioneer, you need to translate fundamental insights into new digital flows continually. You should never stop innovating. OutSystems and our delivery partner Symbioo have helped us every step of the way.”

Duco Boer CIO, Falcker

The first phase of development took six months to go from initial concept to deployment, which Duco estimates to have been three times faster than traditional development.

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Revolutionary Asset Inspection Approach Delivered

Falcker has revolutionized asset inspection in the Rotterdam area, using drones, multi-spectral cameras, 3D visualization, and deep learning to auto-detect maintenance concerns. Results include reduced manual effort and better, faster, and safer asset inspections.

“After four years of continuous innovation, we lead the market for digital inspection in the port of Rotterdam. We now plan to scale up focusing on three major oil and gas hubs in the world, starting with Singapore.”

Duco Boer CIO, Falcker

Since deploying its mobile inspection app, Falcker has seen numerous efficiency improvements. Asset inspectors no longer need to carry paperwork in the field. As a result, they now spend less time preparing asset inspection checklists in the office. So, inspections are now quicker and more cost-effective—good news for Falcker and its customers.