Customer-Centric Innovation Helps FWD Insurance Grow 4x Faster Than the Industry Average

FWD Insurance is a relative newcomer in Asia. To grow faster than the competition, FWD Insurance focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences. The company decided to move quickly and give consumers exactly what they wanted: intuitive mobile insurance services that cater to Filipinos’ desire for streamlined mobile services (in a country of 100+ million people).

In just 90 days, FWD launched a new customer-facing app called Tapp using OutSystems. Since then, Tapp has evolved alongside customer demands, giving them access to innovative insurance services like mobile premium payments, automated self-service, and investment tracking.

Since its launch, the Tapp mobile app has been adopted by more than 35% of FWD’s customers, has achieved an average user rating of 4.4 stars on the Play store, and has played a critical role in helping FWD embrace a culture of continuous, customer-driven service improvement.


Launch in 90 days

Launch in 90 days

Grown from 33rd to 8th largest insurance provider in the Philippines in just 4 years

Grown from 33rd to 8th largest insurance provider in the Philippines in just 4 years

4.4 average user rating on Play store

4.4 average user rating on Play store

80% Forrester CXi score

80% Forrester CXi score

"No other provider in the market was delivering simple, intuitive, convenient and mobile insurance experiences. It was a major opportunity that we could only seize by moving quickly."Maricel Paygane, Head of CX, FWD Insurance

Delivering on a Commitment to Exceptional Customer Experiences

Challenge - Across the globe, the insurance market is fiercely competitive—and in many regions, dominated by financial institutions that have been around for decades. As a new entrant to the insurance market in the Philippines, FWD needed to find unique ways of differentiating its services, standing out, and winning customers in a field where consumer confidence and trust are everything.

“At FWD, we take customer experience very seriously—it’s even one of our global KPIs” says CTO, Rogelio ‘Nooky’ Umali. “Our brand vision is to change the way customers perceive insurance, and the only way we can do that is by committing to deliver the very best customer experience.”

Since it was founded, FWD Philippines has delivered on that commitment in two main ways. Firstly, by creating new services in response to customer demand—such as Peace, an anti-terrorism insurance service launched in direct response to increased attacks in the Philippines. And secondly, by leading the insurance field in digital customer experiences.

“Just three years ago, we didn’t have a presence in the digital insurance space at all,” says Umali. “But based on what we were seeing in the market, it was clear that’s what customers in the Philippines wanted.”

“We understood customer needs were changing, and when we conducted a competitor analysis, it became clear that no other provider in the market was delivering simple, intuitive, and convenient mobile insurance experiences,” says Maricel Paygane, Head of CX. “It was a major opportunity for differentiation that we could only seize by moving quickly.”

An Intuitive New App, Shaped by Customer Demands

Solution - The FWD team set out to build a new customer-facing insurance app to meet the needs of mobile users in the Philippines. It needed to support and simplify the entire lifecycle of an insurance customer, enabling them to pay premiums, explore new services, manage their investments, and get 24/7 service all in one streamlined digital place.

To have the highest possible impact and meet the immediate customer needs identified by FWD, the app needed to be completed and launched quickly, while remaining flexible and simple to iterate on as customer feedback came in, and customer needs changed.

Together, those demands led the FWD team to OutSystems. After evaluating other development options, it became clear that only OutSystems would enable FWD to meet its ambitious 30-day launch target without compromising on the quality of customer experience delivered. “We wanted to launch something very quickly,” says Umali. “Without the low-code approach enabled by OutSystems, hitting those timelines wouldn’t have been possible.”

In just 90 days, the FWD team used the OutSystems platform to create an entirely new app, able to meet customer demand for intuitive mobile insurance service experiences, named Tapp. Plus, because it was built using a flexible, low-code platform, it would be extremely simple to iterate on and improve as customer feedback came in.

“When we launched Tapp, it wasn’t just the platform we were excited about—it was a new way of engaging customers,” says Paygane. “It opened up new opportunities to find out what they really want. When feedback and bugs are reported, we can now fix them almost immediately. It’s enabled us to adopt a culture of co-creation with our customers, where they decide what comes next.”

Since its initial launch, Tapp has come a long way—evolving alongside its ever-growing user base. In one case, a user mentioned in an app store review that the way dates were displayed was confusing. Within one day, the team had implemented a fix, giving additional, more user-friendly display options to choose between.

“Most companies in our market work from the inside out,” says Umali. “Now, we can work from the outside in, listening to our customers and letting that guide our decisions and strategy.”

The low-code development approach enabled by the OutSystems platform has enabled FWD to add exciting new features at speed, some of which aren’t currently provided by anyone else in the market⁠—like in-app investment performance monitoring⁠—creating a truly differentiated mobile offering.

Integrated live chat, payment reminders, fingerprint authentication, and more have all come together to create the most complete, satisfying mobile insurance experience available in the Philippines, and streamline processes for the FWD team. With customers able to make payments and submit claims in the app, core business processes have completely transformed and become more efficient than ever.

Market-Leading CX Drives Acquisition, Retention, and Huge Business Growth

Results - Since its launch, Tapp has had a hugely positive impact on customer experiences—which has in turn driven incredible business results for FWD.

The app’s simple payment options have also helped drive average collection times down. Its appealing, user-friendly interface has helped FWD acquire thousands of new customers, and retain existing ones. And its continuous improvements and customer-driven updates have helped the company establish a reputation as a customer-focused insurance provider—and achieve a CXi score of 80%.

Digitizing customer experiences through Tapp has even helped relieve pressure on FWD’s service agents. Because a huge volume of simple queries are handled directly through the app, the service team is free to focus on more complex customer requirements. Wait times are shorter, the quality of service is higher, and FWD’s customer complaints ratio is now as low as 0.001%.

The app’s average user rating now stands at 4.4 stars—by far the highest rated insurance app in its market. Customer adoption has also been remarkably high, seeing 35% of FWD’s customers in the Philippines engage with it, beating the team’s ambitious 30% engagement goal.

In just a few short years, FWD Insurance has gone from being founded, to ranking in the top eight providers in the Philippines⁠—growing at 4 times the industry average rate. Tapp has played a critical role in that growth, and as the rest of the market rushes to catch up to the innovative experiences delivered by FWD, low-code development and the flexibility of the OutSystems platform will ensure it remains at the core of FWD’s unrelentingly customer-driven strategy.

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