Pacific Cross Makes Leap into Mobile, Retains Key Customer


Building a sophisticated insurance mobile application is an immense job. Building it in 30 days gives new meaning to the phrase: Time to Market.


Peter Phelan, 
Chief Executive Officer of International Services Pacific Cross

Pacific Cross executives thought they lost a major client. The reason, a competitor offered a mobile solution while Pacific Cross did not. A quick­ thinking manager in the Pacific Cross Indonesian office asked their client a direct question, “Can we retain your business if Pacific Cross develops its own mobile solution?” The client agreed, but under one condition: the solution had to be ready in 30 days. Time to market is a phrase heard often, but in this case the sense of urgency and need for transformation has never been more profound.
Pacific Cross is a Hong Kong-based, multi-line insurance underwriter, providing health insurance and health care services, with a focus on markets in Asia. Established in 1990, the company has since expanded to offer worldwide coverage for medical insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, personal accident insurance, travel Insurance and other custom forms of coverage.
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Build a Mobile Application, Keep the Business

Challenge - Asian consumers are some of the world’s most savvy when it comes to technology, and they demand the same kind of rapid, seamless customer service they experience in other sectors. This puts pressure on health insurance companies to reinvent the way they interact with their members, forcing many to shift that burden onto technology providers.

Pacific Cross needed to develop a mobile application that integrated with a Java stack legacy backend, and do it an extremely compact timeframe. Developing a mobile solution to keep this significant client, representing many thousands of policies, became of significant importance to Pacific Cross. To succeed, the mobile application needed to:

  • Provide member and administrator access to the back-end insurance application – enabling members to easily schedule appointments as well as determine what and what was not covered by their insurance
  • Deliver ergonomics and ease of use – providing an intuitive experience for a wide range of users, including older members and medical staff
  • Provide robust, rapid development and deployment – demonstrating that the application could easily be built and managed and could scale as the needs of the insurance company and its customers changed
The OutSystems Advantage

The technology market in Asia is incredibly sophisticated, especially when it comes to mobile. OutSystems enabled Pacific Cross to transform its business digitally by offering a comprehensive mobile application to its customers, enabling them to manage their entire health insurance needs from any device.

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Only One RAD Platform Could Deliver the App in 30 Days

Solution - Pacific Cross engaged HaelthTech, an Asia-based software company that specializes in building highly cost effective, flexible, web and mobile based health insurance and risk management systems. When the urgent request to deliver a fully featured mobile front end to Haelthtech’s Omni Health Insurance system, Scott Darrow, CEO at HaelthTech, realized that OutSystems was the obvious choice. Darrow explains, “Given the timeframe, the only way to accomplish such a monumental task was to use a rapid application development and delivery (RAD) platform. However, many are not what they say they are. They’re not truly end to end. OutSystems is an end-to-end product that handles the full software development life cycle from creation to deployment to managing ongoing change.”

The Pacific Cross mobile app consumed REST APIs to provide a front-end that integrated both with a legacy back-end system and the cloud. Deployed in 30 days and over two phases, the app satisfied a long list of functional requirements, including:

Corporate Access:

  • Register new employee information, update employee changes, and delete outdated information
  • Provide claim statistics dashboard showing histories, reimbursements and outstanding claims
  • Maintain employee information, reset passwords, and maintain employee benefit details, accounts, and claims
  • Enter and manage provider information, conduct searches, and more

Member Access:

  • Find providers, view details, and integrate with Google map
  • Display benefits, exclusions, and reference documents
  • Enter claims, show status, and balance
  • Show member and family profile information, maintain contact and privacy info, and update loyalty rewards points
  • Schedule appointments, while accessing medical details and other information
  • Provide online learning options
  • Offer health information with viewable and downloadable documents
  • Deliver customer care information

“Given thirty days to deliver a full-featured mobile application, executives from Pacific Cross and HaelthTech demonstrated the mobility solution, built on OutSystems.”

Results - The Pacific Cross Mobile Application demonstrated not just how fast one can build on OutSystems, but attested as to how the Platform can be used to develop a highly functional mobile application on a massive scale.

Since the success of their mobile application, Pacific Cross retained its largest client and has begun work on several initiatives to enhance the app’s functionality. These updates include full integration with providers, empowering them to self-market themselves as well as manage provider details related to doctors and specialists and their hours of operations. The app now also enables hospital reps to check member credentials via two-factor authentication and to process claims on the spot. This helps members instantaneously understand what is covered and what is not, and the hospital understands how the procedures will be paid for and who is responsible for payment.

Another aspect of the application is that it incorporates deep learning engines, enabling it to process enormous amounts of medical claims in an effort to detect fraud. “OutSystems is designed for industrial strength, large relational databases,” says Darrow. “It makes a huge difference, particularly when you're talking about the insurance industry. Some of the prospects we're dealing with in China have 250 million members. I wouldn't, for example, attempt to do build something on this scale with any other product.”

1000’s of Pacific Cross members
100’s of Pacific Cross approved health care providers
  • Empowers members to rapidly make appointments and claims
  • Enables physicians to quickly access patient records
  • Allows hospitals to determine who is responsible for payment
  • Assists insurance companies in reducing fraud
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