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The Right Prescription for Healthy Software: Promedico Thrives with Innovative Healthcare Apps

Promedico is a leading healthcare software provider in the Netherlands. Mainly focused on primary care physicians, Promedico wanted to broaden its services to include pharmacy-related software. Not finding what it wanted in existing software, Promedico built two innovative healthcare apps for medication management with OutSystems low-code development platform. Now Promedico is positioned to go deeper into the pharmacy market while further satisfying the needs of its healthcare customers.

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Healthcare Apps Maximize Efficiency in Medication Management

Challenge - The healthcare sector is rapidly evolving and requires sophisticated, scalable and user-friendly software systems. The pharmacy market is a good example of this. Pharmacies have taken on more tasks and responsibilities that traditionally belonged to primary care physicians. Promedico, a leading healthcare software provider focused on primary care physicians, saw an opportunity to respond to these changes with innovative pharmacy software.

However, many IT vendors struggle to keep up with constant industry changes, and Promedico could not find existing pharmacy software that met its healthcare app requirements. They decided to build their own apps using OutSystems low-code development platform.

Promedico chose OutSystems for its:

  • Robust low-code development and deployment - Enabling agile development, deployment and management of scalable applications in an amazingly short time frame.
  • Strength of integration - Allowing legacy systems to integrate with new applications through the low-code platform.
  • Open platform with no vendor lock-in – Ensuring a high level of comfort and portability.
"I had already heard of and worked with OutSystems in the past. We investigated three possible solutions by doing extensive literature review and made reference visits. OutSystems has extensive experience with platforms at the scale we work on. It was the best choice for Promedico."Egbert van Gelder, Manager of Innovation and Product, Promedico

Low-code Platform Energizes Fast Development

Solution - Promedico decided to build two apps initially. One is used in pharmacies, and the other is customized for a particular healthcare customer.
Apro is a Pharmacy Information System that is connected to the General Practitioner (GP) Information System, and gives pharmacists the opportunity to deliver fast and accurate services to patients.

Apro enables pharmacy employees to:

  • See real-time prescription information and proactively plan a prescription renewal.
  • Consult instructions about medicine such as how it should be administered, packaging information, and whether the pharmacy has it in stock.
  • Easily and quickly carry out the administrative process of filling a prescription.
  • Enjoy a spectacular UX tailored to providing easy to find and useful information.

MediSein is a mobile application for tablets that supports caregivers in administering medications to their patients. This healthcare app was developed at the request of and in collaboration with ‘S Heeren Loo Care Group, a center for people with mental disabilities.

MediSein helps caregivers by:

  • Providing up-to-date information about the medication that patients need to receive and sending push notifications.
  • Keeping track of whether the patient actually took the medication, and if not, why not.
  • Giving caregivers the freedom to walk around without having to worry about paper files containing private patient information.
  • Relieving caregivers of most of the time-consuming paperwork.
  • Reducing errors to a bare minimum when administering medication.

Promedico delivered this advanced application in six weeks - fast development made possible with OutSystems low-code platform. Building the app was almost as easy as using the app!

"Software has to adapt to the work of healthcare providers, not vice versa. An application should be flexible to meet the needs of the caregiver. Digital transformation in healthcare is crucial to keep up with developments in society,” says Pita van Arkel, CEO, Promedico.

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Future-Proof Healthcare App Development Excites Promedico

Results - Promedico’s IT team is excited about the capabilities, speed and scalability of the OutSystems low-code platform. With OutSystems, the IT team is able to:

  • Respond to requests from existing customers and access new markets.
  • Develop high-end applications that are easily scalable.
  • Quickly adjust applications to meet changing healthcare legislation.
  • Build reliable, secure systems that comply with privacy guidelines.
"The healthcare sector has to be able to keep up with innovation and transform quickly without software being a hindrance. The reality is that software vendors often do not or cannot change fast enough, because they are held back by legacy systems. In OutSystems we see a future-proof development platform with which we can continue to meet the needs of healthcare providers."Pita van Arkel, CEO