14 weeks
time to production
users 1,000 users
accessing the system worldwide
lang 3 languages 
supported, including
traditional chinese

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Hovione builds and deploys a global human resources system in only 14 weeks, serving 1,000 employees across the world

The Challenge:

Hovione is an international pharmaceutical company based in Portugal with 51 years’ experience in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. With 400 patents, Hovione is a leading researcher and innovator in this industry.  Hovione has inspected plants in Portugal, Macao, USA, China and Ireland and offices in Switzerland and Hong Kong. With sales of USD 140m and 1000 team members, the company exports all of its production and technical services to 28 different countries.

Hovione recognizes that people are its main asset and that continued success depends on the involvement, effort and professionalism of everyone that works at the company.  Each professional has well defined goals and objectives regarding company targets, team objectives and personal goals. To continuously monitor and measure their performance and productivity, the whole team is evaluated on a 360º basis with Hovione’s GPS (Global Performance System) process.

GPS is a performance assessment process designed by Hovione and an international consulting firm, chosen for its expertise in skill assessment.  The theoretical model of the process is based on the latest paradigms of team members’ assessment, including:

  • All team members evaluate and all are evaluated, including evaluation of peers.
  • Team members are evaluated on both quantitative and behavioral levels.  
  • Quantitative evaluation is based on the Balanced Score Card model.
  • Behavioral assessment is based on uniform criteria for all team members, taking into account hierarchical levels and specific functions.

Hovione needed a web platform to support and automate the GPS process, in order to make it a self-service tool, immediately accessible to the whole team, centralizing the information and accelerating the evaluation-related tasks. The new system would have to comply with the operational characteristics of the model, be highly intuitive, available in 3 different languages and integrated with existing HR systems.


The Solution:

Hovione selected OutSystems Platform to create a new custom application to support the GPS process.  Development services were provided by OutSystems’ Certified Partner, Noesis. The implemented solution covers the entire evaluation cycle, from goals to recognitions, and will be used by all Hovione’s team members, providing:

  • A Management System based on goals
  • Recognition of the strengths and weaknesses to be developed by each team member
  • Promotion of continuous improvement of performance
  • Reinforcement of communication channels

The new GPS application is used across Hovione’s entire organization and implements the GPS process for the business.  In addition, the system supports the quality service improvement process across Hovione’s team members.

To maximize user adoption, the Global Performance System provides a very intuitive user experience based on standardized pages with common elements permanently visible.  The new system has both an innovative front office accessible to all team members and a back office to support administrative and maintenance tasks.

GPS’s main features include:

  • Multi-language support in order to cover all Hovione’s locations - the application is available in Portuguese, English and Traditional Chinese
  • Integration with SAP HR to access all team members data
  • Integration with Active Directory and silent login authentication, which means that users authenticated in the domain are automatically recognized by the system
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange for automatic email notifications and alerts
  • Seamless and appealing web interface, designed to streamline the evaluators and their tasks
  • Compliance with the defined HR model and policy
  • Online reports with accurate information about evaluation metrics and scores
  • Instant access to each team member’s Pending Evaluations, Evaluation Requests, Pending Approvals, Pending Personal Evaluation, Average Scores, Reports, Messages & Alerts, Goals, Competences


The success of this project came from the complete involvement of the Hovione team members. By using an agile approach and OutSystems Platform there were frequent opportunities for customer feedback.  The agile methodology let Hovione steer the project incrementally, taking advantage of new insights or changed circumstances to build a better system.  OutSystems Platform let the delivery team react rapidly to change and deliver a working solution very rapidly.

The GPS application automates Hovione’s evaluation program and is based on the following key principles:

  • Universal - applied to all team members
  • Integrated - within the Human Resources Policy Management program
  • Coherent -  assesses evaluation results and the way they were achieved
  • Evolutionary – provides an instrument of continuous improvement
  • Fair and Transparent - based on objective criteria and transparent communication rules

Team members now have online access to their evaluation and are able to track progress, making them even more committed with the company’s success.

The new system significantly streamlined the evaluation process across the company and reduced the amount of time spent on administrative tasks for the HR team.


About Hovione:

Hovione is an international group dedicated to the cGMP development and manufacture of APIs, serving exclusively the pharmaceutical industry. With FDA inspected plants in Europe, the Far East and the US, Hovione is committed to the highest levels of service and quality. With a 51-year track record, Hovione offers advanced technologies as well as APIs for all drug delivery systems, from oral to injectable and from inhalation to topical applications. Specializing in complex chemistry and particle engineering, Hovione offers all services related to the development, manufacture and pre-formulation of both new chemical entities (NCEs) and existing APIs for off-patent products. In the inhalation area, Hovione is the only independent company offering such a broad range of services.

More info at http://www.hovione.com




  • 14 weeks to develop and deploy a fully custom-tailored system
  • Centralized Performance System used by more than 1000 team members in 5 countries
  • Immediate adoption by all users - intuitive,  web-based system
  • Built to scale and evolve - future integration with other Human Resources policies, namely internal mobility, career and retribution management
  • Automation and standardization of  the team member’s evaluation process
  • Streamlined  administrative tasks  and communication across the business
  • Self-service access and use, empowering the whole team
  • Less  time and money spent conducting team members performance evaluations

Project Card

Implemented by:



14 weeks


Pending Evaluations, Evaluation Requests, Pending Approvals, Pending Personal Evaluation, Average Scores, Reports, Messages & Alerts, Goals, Competences.


SAP HR, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory

Evaluation Criteria

Top Criteria:

OutSystems Platform provided Hovione and their delivery team with the tools needed to deliver the GPS application and its specific needs including:

  • High quality results in a very short time

  • Ability to run short iterations and delivery working software

  • Flexible and easy implementation of changes to guarantee constant alignment with business needs

  • Built in support for multi language making the translation process very easy – providing worldwide accessibility in three languages

  • Rich user interface that provides a simplified user experience driving application adoption

Agility Award winner

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