13 weeks
to implement and deliver a fully customized solution 
chart 70% increase 
of online brand awareness
100% increase
in online sales for the auto insurance products

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OK! teleseguros deploys new e-commerce insurance site in 13 weeks, boosts sales by 100% with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • Via Directa, owner of the brand OK! teleseguros, needed to streamline their marketing, sales and service processes in order to lower their operational costs and offer competitive insurance prices;
  • Via Directa wanted an internet platform that would enable the redesign of the existent OK! teleseguros site along with the creation of a Home Insurance area with multi-company (brand), -branch, -channel, and -product support, effectively spanning the entire value chain of Via Directa and its brands;
  • To eliminate existing issues with double data entry, the platform needed to be integrated with the systems including 3R, Cogen, SinAuto, and the Complaints and Claims applications.


The Solution:

Via Directa selected OutSystems Platform due to its support for agile methodologies, and the OutSystems Partner, Keep It Simple, for its knowledge of the insurance business. The online solution that was implemented spans the entire purchasing cycle from requesting a quote online, establishing the insurance contract and managing the payment of the premiums. The resulting application provides the following functionality:

  • Qualification – the web site presents the most relevant  products personalized for each particular prospective customer, based on the data they enter (e.g. age, driving experience number of years, current insurance policies, past claims and losses);
  • Simulation – based on the data gathered about the prospective customer and the vehicle, available discount, association to partners’ channel, and comparison with other products; a simulation of the insurance premium for three or four insurance products is presented and can be saved as a document;
  • Quote generation – based on the above simulation and the insurance product selected by the customer, a quote for the insurance is automatically generated;
  • Risk Scoring – automatic assessment on the customer credit risk scoring based on data provided by the customer and on its driving profile;
  • Contract data gathering – detailed data on the customer and vehicle is gathered at this stage (e.g. name, address, number plate, current insurance companies, etc.); 
  • Online contracting and payment – no manual processes are necessary for either the actual creation of the insurance policy or the premium payments;
  • In a private area customers can manage their insurance assets through a personal login. After accessing the personal area, customers can:
    • Use a simulation tool with the capability of searching, saving and editing previous simulations;
    • Change their insurance coverage;
    • View and edit their customer data;
    • Manage their current insurance policies – ability to search and view policy data, ask for policy changes , and even cancel a policy;
    • Search and view details of receipts and payments;
    • Access a claims area where they can review claims’ status, open a new claim, find a repair contractor, and even schedule an insurance expert inspection;
    • Access a communication area offering several services – a personal mail box for each customer, a ticketing area where customers can place and track requests through a ticket number, and new online services like “Click to Call” and “Click to Chat” where customers can talk with the company for free.
  • In a BackOffice Management Area with exclusive access to OK! teleseguros resources where they can:
    • Get involved in the automatic sales process by, for example, reviewing or customizing a quote or assessing the risk on a policy;
    • Execute tasks like non automatic policy endorsements or policy cancellations whenever an OK! customer triggers these processes, thus receiving workflow related tasks and documents to process;
    • Search and view all data regarding quotes, simulations, contracts, customers and documents, customers history and contacts, receipts and payments, claims, and insurance policies;
    • Open a new claim, search for a repair contractor and schedule an insurance expert inspection for a specific customer;
    • Configure parameters and other data for campaigns, products, document templates, simulations, and task management through the Insurance Management module;
    • Configure data related to employee access and system management like users, profiles, and system parameters through the Administration module;
    • Configure work groups, define tasks for each group, and describe the workflow between them through the Workflow module. All these definitions trigger automatic notifications.
  • Document Management - a centralized document management tool is also available where both the customers and the company’s resources can upload, print, email, archive, search and edit any relevant customer document like contracts. 



  • 100% sales increase, achieving the primary goal for the system;
  • 30% of new insurance contracts being closed through the online channel, achieved by the site’s simple and efficient quotation and purchasing process;
  • Easy-to-use insurance policy management capability, achieved by offering customers innovative solutions and system functionality;
  • Reduction of client management costs, by offering an innovative private customer area which allows customers to self-manage their insurance policies;
  • The Home insurance area can be replicated for a new brand, branch, channel or product (e.g. domestic insurance).


About OK! teleseguros:

OK! teleseguros is one of the brands owned and operated by the Portuguese insurance company Via Directa – Companhia de Seguros, S.A. OK! teleseguros offers car insurances, through friendly and effective service, using a new concept in the Portuguese market: reaching consumers through a combination of Internet Marketing, a self service web site and direct selling.  Prospect customers are able to simulate their needs and have their policy underwritten directly on the brand’s web site.  By being able to identify and select the product they want over the Internet, the entire transaction is streamlined for both the customer and the insurer resulting in a high degree of customer satisfaction.  Via Directa was the first Portuguese insurance company to offer customers the ability to simulate their insurance needs and generate a price online. Nowadays, Via Directa has already reached a total of 160,000 customers.

Visit OK! teleseguros website




  • Time-to-market – 13 weeks;
  • 100% increase on sales;
  • 70% increase in brand awareness in the internet channel;
  • 30% new insurance sales closed on the Internet channel;
  • 885 prospect customers per day;
  • High scalability - 160,000 customers total and 800,000 unique visits in the first two months;
  • Extreme flexibility - Via Directa can now replicate the site for a new brand or branch very quickly;
  • At least 160 collaborators use the site;
  • Complete streamlining of the purchasing process;
  • Fast integration with back office systems;
  • Reduced client management costs. 


Project Card

Implemented by:

Keep It Simple


13 weeks


Systems Cogen; 3R; Complaints and Claims Applications; and SinAuto

User Profiles:

Prospect; Customer; Internal Resources;


All Areas – Qualification, Simulation, Contracts, and Document Management; Customer Private Area – Customer, Claims, Policies,  Payment, Operations History, Communication; Back Office – all the correspondent modules to the above plus Insurance, Administration, and Workflow modules


Evaluation Criteria

  • Rapid development and release;
  • Support for workflows;
  • True support for Web 2.0 paradigm (AJAX);
  • Login as customer to access private data and transactions;
  • Built for high scalability. 


Agility Award winner

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