cal 14 weeks
time to production
clock 2 weeks 
tuning phase to include feedback from users 
change 5 releases 
deployed in the first two
weeks of operation

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RWE optimizes and automates energy management in 14 weeks using OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • RWE Energy Nederland was interested in obtaining a new gas portfolio management (PFM) solution to support current and future business requirements of the rapidly changing Energy market place.
  • The new application would replace a combination of Excel and Access based solutions that were currently supporting Portfolio Management activities. In addition, the new application would need to deliver a complete overview concerning capacity and commodity contracts, storages, tolerances, hedges and their financial position. These new capabilities were essential for portfolio optimization and balancing.
  • Also, in order to balance the physical demand and the supply of gas, the new PFM application needed to integrate and utilize different sources of gas supply such as supply contracts, flex contracts, cross-border supply and services provided by the Gas Transport Services, which include capacity contracts.
  • The main objective was for the final PFM solution to provide the portfolio manager with tools and reports that allow him to make accurate decisions when balancing physical supply with demand.


The Solution:

RWE Energy Nederland employed an Agile “business centric” approach to support the effective identification and prioritization of business requirements while focusing on those that contribute the most to the attainment of the improved financial and operational efficiency objectives.

The final solution helps RWE Energy Nederland manage commodity and capacity data for their Gas Portfolio by producing up-to-date views of the portfolio during the balancing process.

The capacity, demand, forecast and sales data form the basis for the various dashboards on capacity, tolerance, sourcing and storage. Also, included is a “helicopter chart”, or main dashboard, that allows a complete overview of all the important data, access to reports and helps balance the portfolio, based on external data including financial numbers, rates (MS access) and forecasts. Finally, it produces the nomination overview which is sent to RWE Energy Nederland’s commercial dispatch.

Main functionalities include:

  • Sourcing Management - allows management of sourcing contracts. Specifically, it allows RWE Energy Nederland to list, create, update and delete any sourcing Contract.
  • Capacity Management - allows management of Capacity contracts. Basically, it allows RWE Energy Nederland to list, create, update and delete any Capacity trade.
  • Reporting Services:
    • Supply Contracts Overview
    • Capacity Overview
    • Demand Forecast
    • Sales Overview
    • Tolerance Overview
    • Storage Overview
    • Supply and Demand Matching
    • Portfolio Valuation
    • Merit orders management
    • Capability to Export and Import Excel sheets and interface with other systems.



  • The "build-to-change" approach supported by OutSystems Platform and methodology was crucial to the success of the project. In addition, pre existing portfolio management components for the Dutch energy markets allowed a rapid delivery and a dramatic reduction in the total cost of ownership for the new PFM application.
  • OutSystems Platform supported the fast development and easy change of the final application. The built-in monitoring capabilities of OutSystems Platform ensured a high performing application and allowed the delivery and operations team quick insight into all potential issues.
  • The iterative (agile) development approach enabled the project team to deliver working prototypes of the application on a regular basis, solicit and incorporate changes and rapidly refine the application to guarantee high user adoption rates and continuous alignment with RWE Energy Nederland business objectives.


About RWE Energy Nederland:

RWE Energy Nederland supplies power and gas related products to a group of approx. 350,000 B2C and 30,000 B2B customers within the Dutch energy market. Furthermore, RWE Energy Nederland is an active shipper within the Dutch gas market.

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  • Time-to-market - 14 weeks;
  • 2 week tuning phase with 5 new releases deployed, to incorporate user feedback;
  • Centralized information with automated processes reduces manual labor and improves business response times;


Project Card

Implemented by:

Atos Origin


14 weeks for first release



Sourcing Management; Capacity Management; Reporting Services.


Evaluation Criteria

  • Fast time-to-market;
  • High Flexibility to face changes.
  • Ability to provide informative reports and information views;


Agility Award winner

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