cal 6 weeks
time to production
users 15 companies 
with 65 testers using the application daily 
chart 2.2k test cases 
and 394 test scenarios all managed centrally 

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SonaeCom develops a custom application to manage SAP upgrade project with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

SonaeCom has one of the largest SAP installations in Portugal, spanning across 15 different companies of the Sonae Group. The SAP system is centralized in one single installation and accessible to all companies.

The upgrade of the SonaeCom SAP system presented a set of difficulties:

  • Many human resources involved (65 key users) and dispersed geographically (15 companies);
  • Many test scenarios (394) and test cases (2.203);
  • Complex control and validation of tests and scenarios, with no real time access to information on the status of each task and of the whole project;
  • Technical difficulties for users to access shared drives with the project's planning and documentation;
  • Tight schedule (1.5 months). 


The Solution:

Taking advantage of its technical knowledge of OutSystems Platform, ROFF started a parallel project to develop a custom application just to manage the SonaeCom SAP upgrade project:

  • A centralized web business application was created to manage the whole preparation and execution of all test scenarios and test cases. Tests were defined in collaboration with the customer and created online;
  • The application also manages all users, monitors test progress, user productivity and ensures that tests are performed in the correct sequence;
  • When all required information is available for the tests they need to perform, users are automatically notified through rich e-mails;
  • Project managers have instant access to all test status, and can trigger e-mail notifications to users to push for test completion;
  • The customer has also access to the system to monitor overall project progress;
  • All project information and documentation is centralized and accessible online to everyone involved through a standard web browser, with no need to install any specific software in the end-users computers. 



  • Online collaboration with the customer in test definition allowed for an implicit acceptance of the test results, with no need to perform manual revisions of test results and documentation;
  • Email notifications to testers improved the team communication and greatly reduced the lead-time between successive tasks;
  • Online real-time access to project status, reduced control and tracking activities, and gave customer constant control over the whole project and accessibility to all information and test results;
  • Users' feedback was easily incorporated into the application, increasing its functionalities, usability and overall value for the project.


About SonaeCom:

SonaeCom is the sub-holding of the Sonae Group for the telecommunications, internet and multimedia sector, operating in four major business areas: mobile communications (Optimus); fixed communication (Novis); Multimedia and Internet (Público and Clix); and software and systems integration (Enabler, WeDo, BizDirect and Mainroad).

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  • Time-to-market – 6 weeks;
  • 15 companies involving 65 testers;
  • 394 test scenarios and 2.203 test cases;
  • Real-time information on the test status;
  • Reduced the lead-time between successive tasks;
  • Elimination of manual revisions.


Project Card

Implemented by:



6 weeks


Evaluation Criteria

  • Fast Time to Market;
  • Ability to incorporate user feedback;
  • Real-Time access and notification capabilities.
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