Healthcare Group Brings in OutSystems to Support Business Expansion

Luz Saúde outgrew its old systems, so it needed an update. Using OutSystems, it installed a new intranet for 14,000 employees in 23 hospitals and supported its business expansion with a dedicated portal that boosted referral volumes from independent physicians.


45% reduction in development time

New intranet for 14,000 employees in 23 hospitals

New portal for independent physicians ups referral volumes by 40%

"OutSystems low-code platform has been a key digital enabler for Luz Saúde to tackle the challenges raised by our business expansion. It has enabled us to provide our clients with better information and a more effective and personalized service while improving the user experience."Cristina Freitas, Project Manager - Information Systems and Technologies at Luz Saúde

A Large Healthcare Group in Need of a Unified Communication Tool

Challenge - Luz Saúde is one of the largest healthcare groups in the Portuguese market. It provides its services through 30 units including 15 hospitals, 13 outpatient clinics, and two senior residences. Business expansion meant that Luz Saúde needed a new unified communication tool to provide information and services to all the units, overcome existing information silos, and reap the benefits of infrastructure, content management, access control, auditing, and analytics. Independent physicians were also lacking a tool that would make it easy to schedule exams and appointments and have access to the results in Luz Saúde units.

Two Partners Build Two Apps

Solution - OutSystems partner Truewind developed the new Luz Link Intranet as an essential and effective communication tool that centralizes all health care units’ information and content. It took seven developers 4 months (down from an estimated 9 months with a bigger team). In addition, a new PMA Portal for associate physicians was developed by OutSystems partner ROFF. Developed by two developers in 1 year, it allows direct requests for consultations, exams, and communication with Luz Saúde teams and access to the clinical information and results of the relevant patients.

OutSystems Solutions Provide Improvement in Efficiency and User Experience

Results - The new Luz Link Intranet delivered a 50 percent reduction in the time spent by the IT team on the intranet. The OutSystems solution ensured total integration, a greater acceptance by the internal teams, and allowed greater engagement under a single brand. Luz Saúde employees report an amazing end-user experience on an intranet that is super quick and easy to manage content and documents. Besides that, Luz Saúde reports a better organizational alignment due to all health care units now using the same tool. 

The PMA Portal is now helping 500 users manage consultation appointments and exams scheduling, and share and exchange clinical information, all in a safe and secure environment. The portal can be used to send messages to different users, for real-time tracking appointments notifications, and more. Referral volumes have increased by 40 percent, while completion rates are up, internal processes became faster and more reliable, and overall customer experience has improved.