12 weeks 
from project start to full roll-out 
users 5 developers 
involved in the whole delivery process
gear 4 integrations
with both internal and
external systems

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TIO enhances Website usability, boosts customer satisfaction with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

In early 2011, TIO, a government-owned Australian corporation providing insurance and financial services across the nation’s Northern Territory, prepared to face a problem affecting all banking and financial institutions: the need for improved online access to services, accounts, etc.

Specifically, TIO needed to address their website sales processes, as customers requesting quotes had to wait almost five minutes, resulting in a drop rate of almost 50 percent. Additionally, the rest of TIO’s online banking and claims forms were experiencing poor pull through rates, leading to lost business.

TIO knew that they had to improve the usability of their Internet applications, including all of their banking, insurance and claims forms. Their IT team was tasked with cutting the quote process from minutes to seconds as well as adding a more “Web 2.0” feel to the aging applications on TIO’s site.

Overall, the IT team was the focal point for enhancing TIO’s online business and improving the online customer experience... they just needed to find a solution to make all of this possible.


The Solution:

TIO’s IT team started their search for a solution by examining application development platforms based on the Java engine, as these meshed most effectively with their developers’ skill sets. After several trials and demos, it became obvious that many of the Java solutions available would not meet TIO’s needs, specifically the need for applications with a more Web 2.0 look and feel. Then, the team discovered OutSystems Platform.

Starting with the Community Edition of OutSystems Platform, TIO began building a few simple applications and immediately saw the benefits of OutSystems Platform. First and foremost, the platform easily integrated with their existing legacy systems, including Appian (BPM) and Insure90 (a mainframe-like claims management system). The drag and drop functionality of OutSystems Platform, dual support for both Java and .Net and the ability to extend the platform with their legacy code using OutSystems Platform’s Integration Studio feature were also major benefits, as all supported TIO’s own custom code writing efforts.

But most of all, OutSystems Platform provided TIO’s IT team with the ability to craft highly usable user interfaces (UI) for their web applications right out of the box. This was a huge leap over what standard Java development engines offered, leaving OutSystems Platform the clear answer to TIO’s development needs.

Starting in March of 2011, TIO began work on their web application revitalization project where the flexibility of OutSystems Platform started to pay off almost immediately. The development team found that using OutSystems Platform to deliver in .Net was not a challenge even though their shop was primarily experienced in Java and that they could easily switch between Java and .Net (with which the team was quickly becoming comfortable), making it easier to develop applications outside of the normal constraints of both engines.

TIO also realized additional benefits of OutSystems Platform. Its Embedded Change Technology (ECT) allowed their development team to quickly gather feedback in a collaborative manner and make application changes greatly improving user adoption.

OutSystems Platform also made it easy to reuse components across the development teams. Service Center was also popular with the project manager, as it allowed moving applications from development to quality assurance testing (QAT) and ultimately production fast and simple. Plus the built in version control, application monitoring and access control were real plusses.



In a little over three months, the first of TIO’s revitalized web applications went live supporting key processes including savings and term deposit enrollment, term deposit transfer, home loan enquiry and online information request capabilities. Using OutSystems Platform, the company was able to take their Web 2.0 approach from the drawing board to deployment, dramatically improving the online banking experience for their customers.

The TIO team incorporated latest trends in application usability including:

  • Ear mark validation on field completion.
  • Integration with GreenID, an Australian online security tool that streamlines the identity verification process for customers.
  • Integration with Experian’s QAS – Quick Address System for helping customers auto complete their address information.
  • Latest in web 2.0 and usability design.

By the end of September, TIO plans to have the remaining new Web applications live on the TIO site for insurance sales and claims processing, but improvements have already been seen in regards to customer satisfaction with the new online processes. Customers are now staying throughout the entire banking new account open and enquiry process and drop rates have plummeted as online transactions are now faster and easier to conduct.

Thanks to OutSystems Platform, TIO did more than simply revitalize a suite of online applications. They completely rebuilt the company’s online image and greatly improved the institution’s ability to attract and retain customers, building up the business’s bottom line while enhancing the overall customer experience.


TIO System Screenshot

About TIO:

TIO is a government-owned Australian corporation providing insurance and financial services on a commercial basis across the Northern Territory. TIO was established by the Northern Territory Government in 1979 and provides insurance and banking coverage within the Northern Territory.

More info at www.tiofi.com.au




  • Three months from project start to go live;
  • On-line form completion rates have increased dramatically due to new highly intuitive Web 2.0 user interface;
  • New applications have improved TIO’s on-line image and greatly improved the institution’s ability to attract and retain customers;
  • Easy integration with legacy and third party systems;
  • Supported TIO’s internal coding capabilities and streamlined application development and management.


Project Card

Implemented by:



3 months

User Profiles:

On-Line Banking Clients


On-line savings and term deposit enrollment, term deposit transfer, home loan enquiry and online information request


Insure90, GreenID, Experian’s QAS, Qvalent’s QuickGateway


Why OutSystems?

  • OutSystems Platform provided a complete solution to streamline application development and provide highly intuitive Web 2.0 applications out of the box with no hand coding;
  • Drag and drop integration with legacy systems using web services;
  • Getting started was fast and easy with on-line training;
  • OutSystems support and BootCamp training provided the push for rapid success;
  • Service Center simplified application staging and version control;
  • Embedded Change Technology made it easy to capture feedback and deliver a highly adopted solution;
  • Process simplification and easy access to information;
  • Automation of time-consuming administrative tasks;
  • Easy to reuse application components.
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