Community Events

Join an OutSystems Community event and connect directly with other developers in your area, or industry, to learn, exchange ideas and tips, or just network (maybe with a beer?).

There are several ways for you to get involved in the community!

OutSystems User Groups

17 Countries - 39 Groups - 6,000+ attendees

Join one of our local communities around the world! The OutSystems User Groups are events built by the community, for the community. An OSUG is a space where you can share, learn, and enhance your career.

You’ll have a chance to learn about upcoming features with the platform, hear about what other developers are building, discuss best practices, and share your feedback with us.

An OSUG is solely focused on the sharing and learning of knowledge so you won’t have to worry about being sold to, or getting recruited (we have other events for this!). You will, however, get some awesome swag. :)

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Want to organize an OSUG?

We’re always looking for OSUG leaders and organizers! If you’re interested in starting a new event, working with a current one, or want to learn more about what being an organizer means, contact us below and let’s chat!

Email us at and we’ll help you get started!

Ready to join a local event? Check out the map below then join a User Group.

Take a look at some of the User Groups from 2019:



A Meetup is an independently run gathering that is usually organized by one of our Partners. The topics of discussion can be about anything OutSystems-related, whether it’s a technical session or not.

Because the events are autonomous from OutSystems, the person or entity organizing the meetup has full responsibility on how to run the event, which means there could be a commercial purpose. The promotion of specific services, companies and/or brands is not prohibited, neither are recruitment activities.


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Boot Camp

Bootcamps are a week-long, interactive, hands-on classroom training with a small group of fellow OutSystems professionals. During the week, you will dive deep into developing OutSystems applications, with the assistance of a Certified Trainer from OutSystems or one of our Training Partners. At the end of the week, an optional certification exam will be provided for you to test your knowledge and become a certified professional.

These fully immersive classroom courses are the best way to learn OutSystems - no medicine balls or military haircuts required.

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Looking for another type of event?

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