Advocacy Programs: MVPs

Inspiring the OutSystems Community globally.

About the Program

Among the thousands of developers who use OutSystems every day, there are truly passionate tech experts who contribute to the community regularly, both online and offline and evangelize the product every chance they get.
The OutSystems Most Valuable Professionals Program recognizes these valuable experts and introduces them to the OutSystems ecosystem of partners and customers as the elite developers in the market. The program also aims to empower these developers to unlock their potential and increase their expertise on the platform, giving them the tools to master all versions of the platform.
Meet our MVPs

Nomination process

MVPs are chosen through nominations and referrals done by the community. This means that there are no applications and self-nominations are not considered for the process.
The nomination process opens once a year, during September, and every community member is welcome to participate and recommend their peers.
All nominations will be reviewed by the OutSystems Community team, and a select number of candidates will be interviewed to understand their motivations and technical expertise. 

Eligibility criteria

To be considered for the MVP program, the candidate must have the following requirements:
  • Proven consistent activity and collaboration in the OutSystems community:
    • 2 speaking sessions
    • 2 blog posts
    • 2 new Forge components
    • 30 solutions in Forums
  • Have used OutSystems for more than 3 years
  • Be a Certified Professional Developer
For now, nominations are closed. 

Who is it for

The most exceptional developers in the OutSystems Community whose advanced expertise, technical experience, and helpful contributions are recognized in the entire ecosystem, including customers, partners, and the OutSystems team.

Benefits you will receive 

Early Access
Privileged access to OutSystems roadmap and release notes
Exclusive channel
Access to a restricted Slack workspace to communicate with OutSystems teams
Extra community permissions
Special online community moderator status
Free certification vouchers and training 
Special goodies designed specifically for MVPs
Public visibility in the community and at OutSystems events

How MVPs contribute

Product feedback
Represent the voice of the community, by sharing insights, pain points and improvements with the Product and Engineering teams
Product evangelizing
Advocate for OutSystems within customers, as well as showcase the potential of the product with other tech communities and developers
Community moderation
Help maintain the community a safe, fun, relevant and technically accurate space for all OutSystems developers 
Community activity
Actively participate in the various community initiatives and activities, such as the Forums, the Forge, the User Groups, through technical documentation, etc.
Provide guidance and support to new/more junior community members


If you need more information, please contact