Advocacy Programs: MVP Award

Inspiring the OutSystems Community globally.

About the MVP Award

Among the thousands of developers who use OutSystems every day, there are truly passionate tech experts who contribute to the community regularly, both online and offline, and evangelize the product every chance they get.
The OutSystems Most Valuable Professionals Award recognizes these valuable experts and introduces them to the OutSystems ecosystem of partners and customers as the best developers on the market. Starting this year, the program will now be an annual award program. The new MVP award will be given out once a year, and the winners will be selected based on their contributions made within the previous year.
Meet our MVPs

Nomination process

MVP Award candidates will be nominated and referred by the community. This means that there are no applications, and self-nominations are not considered for the process.
The nomination process will open on December 4 and, until January 5, every community member is welcome to participate and recommend their peers to be nominated for the OutSystems MVP 2023 award.
All nominations will be reviewed by the OutSystems Community team, and a select number of candidates will be interviewed to understand their motivations and technical expertise. 

Eligibility criteria

To be considered for the MVP award, the candidate must meet the following requirements:
  • Have strong knowledge of the OutSystems platform with hands-on experience, pushing themselves to always be on-top of the platform's features.
  • Act like an OutSystems advocate, be a champion when it comes to promoting OutSystems and motivating others to learn new skills and advance their careers.
  • Be helpful! There are a lot of different ways to do it: helping other fellow community members, helping other communities to understand what OutSystems is or even helping OutSystems improve their products.
There are several areas of contribution; an MVP should be a reference in one of these areas and be understood and recognized to be a go-to person by other community members and by OutSystems.
For now, nominations are closed. 

Who is it for

The most exceptional developers in the OutSystems Community whose advanced expertise, technical experience, and helpful contributions are recognized in the entire ecosystem, including customers, partners, and the OutSystems team.

Benefits you will receive 

Early Access
Have access to design phase and try early features of the OutSystems products
Exclusive channel
Access to a restricted Slack workspace to communicate with OutSystems teams and other fellow MVPs
Extra community permissions
Elevated privileges in community forums and ideas
Discounts or free access to certifications/training
Special goodies designed specifically for MVPs
Public visibility in the community and at OutSystems events, being present at events on behalf of OutSystems.
Exclusive events
Online and in-person events just for MVPs, together with OutSystems staff and leadership

Areas of contribution

Product feedback
Represent the voice of the community, by sharing insights, pain points and improvements with the Product and Engineering teams
Advocate for OutSystems
Advocate within customers, as well as showcase the potential of the product with other tech communities and developers
Community moderation
Help maintain the community a safe, fun, relevant and technically accurate space for all OutSystems developers 
Community activity
Actively participate in the various community initiatives and activities, such as the Forums, the Forge, the User Groups, through technical documentation, etc.
Defining best practices
Help define best practices and document the ways to use OutSystems products to solve complicated business problems.
Helping others
Help other fellow community members, through guidance or mentorship, by answering their questions or even building components they can reuse in their own projects.


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