Nominations for OutSystems MVP Award

OutSystems MVPs are awarded based on nominations from the community, so this is your chance to refer a colleague that has helped you and others tremendously in your path; a community member that has been following your journey and helping you along the way; someone you have no relationship with in the community but have been admiring from afar.
Information of the Nominee
This section is dedicated to knowing better the person you believe should receive the MVP Award and why.
Please give examples of where this person participates, how they have helped other members or contributed to improve the OutSystems product and what is the area of contribution that this person has an outstanding role from your perspective
Information of the Nominator
This section is dedicated to knowing you and the relationship you have with the nominee.
What is your relationship with the nominee? *
Company colleague
Met through the OutSystems community
Next Steps of the MVP Nomination Process
As soon as the nomination period comes to an end, the Developer Relations team will be reviewing the referrals and will be contacting the respective community users that were referred by their peers.
The community members that are eligible for the MVP Award will be invited to an interview with the Developer Relations team to assess motivations, interests, and expectations. These interviews are the last stage of the process and the feedback collected from it will contribute to the decision regarding the application status.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the OutSystems MVP team