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August 2021

Posts and videos from the community with hints, tips, and how-tos to help you get work done

A quick explanation from OutSystems MVP, Justin James, about the IsMultiTenant setting and why it’s useful.

Developer Advocate, Rui Barbosa, explains how to use the Clipboard Web API to create an easy copy button in your app.

Jon Alvin Salamat used handrack.js to control Mario Kart in OutSystems. Check out this fun video on his LinkedIn.

Blog posts, documentation, and videos created by the OutSystems team to give you technical insights into the platform.

Learn to use a connector from the open-source Forge repository to connect your OutSystems app to an Amazon S3 account, easily add files to your desired S3 bucket, and access those files from within your apps.

The Decoded Podcast season 3 kicks off with an interview with Jeffrey Meyerson, host of the Software Engineering Daily podcast. Be sure to check out the entire series!

Get to know the power of Test-Driven Development through this in-depth example of building a Loan App using TDD. Plus, get the added bonus of learning about specific Forge components to help you out.

Stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technical news

Check out the latest updates to OutSystems documentation and online training from August. Be sure to rate and review the information so we can make improvements.

#ICYMI we launched Service Studio for Mac and Windows got a new beta version. Run, don't walk to take advantage of these great updates!

With this new series, the goal is to provide bite-sized videos, easy to consume, to help you get started in developing with OutSystems. Join in the comments and let us know what you’d want to learn about if you were just getting started with OutSystems.

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