Two Full Stack Developers

  • Singapore - Singapore
  • Full-time

Brilliant but Bored? 

We are looking for two brilliant full stack developers to join an exciting startup that is well-funded alongside a team of leading domain experts in investment banking, management consulting, data scientists and economists, to create a world-class application that will have a global customer base with ambitions to be a world beater and leader. Among team members are PhD’s in data science and economics, as well as some of the most experienced domain experts in their fields globally.

The app is being built by and hosted on OutSystems in order to maximise the capabilities of the platform. Our philosophy on tech is to outsource to best-of-class where it is available at a reasonable cost without compromise, upgrade to new capabilities early and focus our resources on areas where we have real value to add. 

Our platform involves a large data lake with MS SQL, NoSQL, Mongo Database, Neophj Graph database, hosted on AWS and Google Cloud, .Net and C# on OutSystems, Python for data science, machine learning and natural language processing, Datarobot for machine learning, chatbots, Java, CSS all combined to deliver a cutting edge app with an amazing UI/UX. We want our developers to add value above this integrated application managed by OutSystems for us and not waste time and resources on the infrastructure that is managed by OutSystems for us.

The developers we would like to hire must have intellectual curiosity and a strong  interest in testing new technologies and constantly looking for ways to improve and upgrade the existing platform, proactively bringing new ideas to the business side in collaboration to constantly improving all aspects from database to AI to UI/UX. 

The applicants should have strong coding skills and good understanding across the platform. A back-end and a front-end specialisation can be accommodated but having a full stack, all-round athlete capability is important as well.

OutSystems certification is a plus but not essential as long as the candidate is willing to obtain it quickly through online courses offered. However, understanding and appreciation of leveraging the capabilities of OutSystems is a must in combination with the desire to incorporate other best-of-class systems into the OutSystems platform.

Strong university degrees but more importantly,  mastery of coding are a pre-requisite. Understanding systems architecture, tradeoffs of database design and optimisation, Python, Javascript, Rest API/SOAP and CSS are important skills. The most important skill is the willingness to pick up new things you don't know quickly and never accepting "no it cannot be done" as an answer.

A quick career path to CTO is available for the right candidate. Remuneration would be at competitive market salaries and stock options for proven team members.

This is a challenging job and we are looking for hard working, ambitious and smart partners in our technology team to work hand in hand with our strong domain experts.