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Atlanta, USA
Posted 13 Feb
Job description

Job Description

(prefer mid level experience of 3-5 years)

Experience or the ability to ramp up with lightning speed (a few days) on the OutSystems LCD IDE (Service Studio)

CSS knowledge from a dev perspective but need not be a guru (a dedicated design team will be establishing a central CSS and theme for development)

Data Modeling knowledge for basic entity relationships that will support the development and test data retrieval from the mock service layer

JavaScript framework experience with Angular or ReactJS (while not coding in either, the platform is based on React so the concepts are in place for screen building)

Modular application development experience and service orientation for record set based design (screen development will be accelerated by applying consistent best practices of modular design and data retrieval)

(bonus) Native mobile app deployment experience (also handled by OutSystems and React Native but a working knowledge is beneficial)

Thanks & Regards

SBS Corp | 12337 Jones Road, Suite # 400 Houston, TX 77070

Office: 281-603-1230 | E-mail: varma@mysbscorp.com

Website: www.mysbscorp.com

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