Senior OutSystems Developer & Chapter Lead
Diemen, Netherlands
Posted 21 May (11 days ago)
Job description

As an OutSystems developer your focus is digitalising internal processes, system integration and the complete digital output. You bundle solid knowledge of modern programming languages, methods and techniques. You are creative, and you share your ideas on how to innovate and how to accelerate in our ambition to digitalise.

You will stay curious, you are analytical and you have the ability to solve problems. Furthermore, you are an enthusiastic team player, who works in multidisciplinary teams according to the SCRUM-method. At the end of the day, you will be one of the driving forces within the team. 


Randstad Groep Nederland IT

We work from our headquarters in Amsterdam (Diemen). An entrepreneurial, agile environment where we continuously experiment with new technologies in more than 24 DevOps-teams. How we make sure that Randstad Groep Nederland IT stays a global leader? By staying focused and inspire each other within our Tribes. An interesting cross-fertilization originates between colleagues in different teams and disciplines within and outside the IT department, because we work on the same product or service, with multiple Tribes. Also, the diversity within our teams certainly adds to our success. For example, did you know that more than 30% of our IT professionals is female? Not a lot of IT organisations can say that. We are proud of it, because we know: diverse teams, in its broadest sense, perform better. 

What will be your assignment?

As the lead developer in the team you will further develop the current Spotter application. This application is used to match talents and vacancies. About 80% of your time you will spend in this multidisciplinary team to refine stories, develop code and work together with the other team members to deliver a great end user experience. 

The other 20% of your time you will spend on activities for the OutSystems Chapter. You will be using your seniority to make your Chapter, and each individual in it, perform at their best. You motivate, coach and evaluate the performance of the Chapter members. Besides that, you will determine the best practices for developing in OutSystems, set standards and make sure they are properly executed. Creating a save environment, where members feel free to provide continuous feedback is essential. Furthermore, you will be coaching and mentoring members within the the Chapter where needed.

Desired Skills and Experience

To be successful during this assignment, we think that you will need the ability to think and operate on a higher educational level.  

In addition, you will need at least… 

  • a minimum of 4 years of full time, recent experience in OutSystems development 
  • proven experience in developing according to the OutSystems 4 layer Canvas
  • an OutSystems Professional Web Developer certificate
  • experience in code quality assurance
  • experience in LifeTime deployments
  • experience in refactoring applications
  • experience in SQL Management Studio


You preferably also have experience with… 

  • experience in an OutSystems chapter lead role
  • experience with OutSystems automated (unit) testing
  • experience with other technologies / frameworks (Jenkins, RabbitMQ, Ranorex, WSO2)
  • experience with working in a multidisciplinary devops scrum team
  • knowledge about Jenkins, RabbitMQ, Ranorex, WSO2


The skills and competencies you will need are...

  • coaching skills and experience in coaching of peer developers
  • ability to work team exceeding
  • ability to work in complex environments, seniority
  • ability to encourage and energize others
  • agile mindset and way of working
  • excellent communication and social skills
  • Fluent in English, both orally and in writing
  • Leadership capabilities

Besides a match on knowledge, experience, skills and competencies, a match on personality and culture is just as important! After all, you should feel comfortable at work. If you recognize yourself in the profile below, we are looking for you!  


A warm welcome, lots of friendly and inspiring colleagues who love to help you by sharing their knowledge and experience. You will find yourself in a challenging working environment. And, a new, very valuable network within the largest HR service provider in the world! 

Read more about working at  Randstad Groep Nederland IT.


Disclaimer: This job offer was originally posted on Linkedin.

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