OutSystems Senior Developer
New Jersey City, United States
Posted 20 Nov (2 weeks ago)
Job description

Job Description:

Primary function will be core development of OutSystems web applications in a fast paced environment using Agile methodology. The developer will work with a team lead and different business segments both inside and outside of technology departments. A successful developer will be comfortable interacting with different groups within the technology and within different business areas to understand the User Experience (UX) goals of business requirements, provide clients with pertinent feedback relative to pros/cons of development course and understand how to match existing user interface (UI) guidelines to meet requirements within the OutSystems platform. Daily activities will include the development of functional components including pages, processes and custom UI in OutSystems.

Competencies and Skills:

• Experience and comfort with Agile methodologies

• Ability to interpret business requirements and think through “logical” next steps

• Ability to do basic data modeling and enforce proper referential integrity constraints

• Understanding of Rapid Application Development(RAD) best practices and implementation

• Understanding of full stack development

• Understanding of best practices for web application security

• Proficiency in web based languages (JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML)

• Proficiency with web services (REST and SOAP)

• Proficiency with OutSystems Service Studio & Integration Studio


Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or related field and at least 2 years of experience building web applications with at least one year of OutSystems specific development experience

3 years of Web Application Development including at least 1 year OutSystems specific development


• OutSystems Certification: Web Associate Developer or Higher
• Bachelor Degree or Equivalent Experience

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